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Melissa 87 - May 11

I miscarried about 2 weeks ago, how soon after that can I start taking clomid?


Lynn - May 11

I was told to wait until after 1 full cycle after bleeding from m/c. Did your doctor not give you any advice?


wannabeamom - May 12

Melissa 87, I am so sorry about your m/c. I think your doctor should have a plan for you and the future of ttc. Have you talked to your doctor? If not now is the time to do so. Don't take Clomid on your own w/o some kind of supervision from your doctor. Let us know how you are doing.


mommy2josh - May 12

Hi Melissa, sorry to hear about your m/c. I m/c after my 2 round of clomid and was told by my doc to wait for the next regular af to start clomid again. Also, unfortunately the last 2 cycles of clomid did not work and I did not ovulate, which is extremely disheartening. I dont think I want to continue with clomid and will probably try some herbs to regulate my period after AF comes this month. Keep your chin up and everything will work out ok. Are you ttc #1 or #2 and also what dose of clomid were you on?


kimberly - May 12

A friend of mine miscarried in Dec. She was told to wait one full cycle. She is now 10 weeks pregnant agian and doing fine. I hope all goes well for you and from watching her go through this has really shown me how hard it is.



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