Miscarriages ---Why won't the preg. hold on?
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M - January 25

I just had my 2nd miscarriage in 6 months. I have problems getting pregnanct, but now we realize that once we are pregnant, its not sticking!! I m/c both times at 5-6 weeks. Does anyone have any knowledge of why my body is either rejecting the pregnancy or what hormone I could be lacking?


Danielle - January 25

What is your blood type?


M - January 25

I'm o+ so I don't think my body is attacking the baby. Seems like there's a problem with implantation?


b - January 26



Paige80 - January 26

You definitely need to ask your doctor or go to a fertility specialist. As strange as it sounds, other than anything hormonal, the eggs can be empty -- therefore creating an empty sac. Which is what is happening to me...but it was an unexpected pregnancy that I'm not ready for, so it's not as heartbreaking.
Or your uterus may not be the right environment for it at this point.


M - January 26

Paige, how are the dr.'s going to treat the egg problem? with Meds? And have you heard how they treat a uterus not having the right envrironment. Thank you!


Paige80 - January 26

I really haven't gotten too in depth with my doctor about future complications. But you should definitely ask your doctor if there's anything YOU can personally do about it, or if something medical needs to be done. Good luck!!!


M - January 27

Thank you! :)


BrendaW - January 27

M- i have had multiple miscarriages, there are alot of reasons this could be happening to you. Some could be genetic some could be immunological. Some could be between you and your partners chemistry. In my case, my doctor had to do with NK cells misinterpreting the embryo and attacking it. I am going to do a little more testing on this and then start taking medicine in April. There is a genetics office in fresno, Cynthia Curry is the doctor. The immunologist i am talking with now is Dr Beer. He has a web page. Do you have endometrioses?


trr - January 27

maybe your progesterone levels are low. That will bring on the bleeding. Good luck with everything!


M - January 27

I don't have endometriosis. My progesterone was "normal" at 17.7. Brenda, should I ask my dr. to do the NK cells testing? What meds to do you take? I've heard of taking baby aspirin and Heprin to thin the blood which reduces antibodies that could attack. How is the genetics and partner chemistry problem identified? This is nice to hear possible reasons....I don't like the sugar-coating the nurses give me by saying "it just happens"...there's a reason, I know it!


BrendaW - January 27

M- I know what you mean! I hate that- "it just happens", "it's not the right time", "maybe you guys just weren't meant to have kids together". I would ask your doctor to refer you to a geneticist first. There really are a lot of things that it could be and I think that would be a good place to start. It is expensive and most insurances do not cover it but that is your decision to make. One miscarriage I wouldnt worry to much about, i mean not that it would not be heartbreaking but i wouldnt worry something more serious was going on. But two the way you described, I would wonder. I think the norm used to be after 3 m/c's but I think some doctors have changed it to 2 then you start testing. I have been told that the more you have that it will be harder for you to carry all the way through. I havent started med's yet. I have to have an endometrial biopsy and then start taking metformin because of my insulin levels and fsh then i will also be taking another med to suppress the nk cells but i do not have the name with me right now. Sorry. I will have to take both of these up until my baby has a heartbeat. I just changed jobs so will not have med insurance until April. So i will do all this then. Are you going to try again?


BrendaW - January 30

M- The med i am going to take for the NK cells is Humira. Just wanted to let you know. Good luck to you!


M - January 30

I've heard so much in my research of m/c about Humira, Heprin, and baby aspirin. I'd like my dr. to somehow figure out if the reason I'm m/c is because my body is attacking the fetus as an intruder. Is there a test for this???


M - January 31

Brenda, how did the dr. figure out the meds that you need (i.e. Humira for the nk cells) What kind of tests should I request/ask about?


M - February 6

I had my appointment today with the regular ob/gyn and he ordered that thromobolytic panel and chromosome testing on me and dh. I'm so glad he didn't sugar coat this 2nd m/c like he did the first. So hopefully we'll get some answers with all these tests! Anything new with everyone?



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