Miscarriage after Clomid?
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karenk - January 2

Hello. I am a new poster. I am 35, TTC since 1/06. I ovulate regularly, but have very short cycles of 25 days (luteal phase 11 days). I started on Clomid 100mg days 3-9 in 11/06 and got my BFP on 12/15. I confirmed the results at the doctor that day. On Christmas day, I started having very bad cramping (had had some off on on since before the BFP) and spotting. On 12/26, went to the ER and confirmed I was having a miscarriage. I see the RE on 1/4, but now I am scared I will never get pregnant again. Anyone else with similar situation? Anyone get pregnant more than once on Clomid? Thanks.


Tink - January 2

so sorry to hear about your loss. but, the good news is, you know you can get pregnant! was this your first stint on clomid? I would definitely keep trying and give it another shot. the RE has been great to me and I am so glad i started seeing him back in July. I've done 4 IUIs since then, 2 with clomid and 2 with injectables. i did 4 months of clomid only before that. there are so many things they can do, test and help with. don't give up hope. and your aren't alone.....also, you might make sure they check your lining- clomid does thin your lining, which can affect implantation of the egg. It needs to be nice and thick to support the pregnancy. did they monitor your progesterone? I am sure hte RE can give you some great answers. good luck.


slowpoke01 - January 3

i know that you are worried, but now you know you can get pregnant the first step is to realize that it will happen again. like tink says they should be checking the lining to make sure that the clomid isnt thinning it out. also you should have your progesterone levels checked. also i have heard others with short luteal phases say that their doc gives them an hcg trigger shot to induce ovulation and then a booster hcg trigger shot after to legnthen the luteal phase. if you havent done iui you may want to think about that. it increases your chances of getting pregnant.any little bit will help. the iui's are not painful at all. i got pregnant on my 2nd cycel of clomid in august and found out on sept 9th that it was ectopic and had to terminate so now i am scared that if i do get pregnant again that it will be another ectopic. so i can totally relate to what you are going through. i was taking clomid 50 mg on cd 3-7 and had follicle growth study to make sure that my eggs were growing and they also checked my ovaries to make sure that the clomid wasnt causing cysts (which it was on the cycle i did in aug.) also they checked the uterine lining to make sure that it wasnt too thin. then on cd-12 i had the hcg trigger shot and on cd-14 i had an iui. i will know this weekend if it worked or not and i dont think that it did. i had to wait 3 months after terminating the ectopic to try again so this is the first cycle since then that i have tried. good luck to you. i hope that everything works out


mommy2josh - January 4

Karenk, there is an increased chance of miscarriage when on clomid. Dont know why, but it seems to be a common trend. I got my BFP on my second round of clomid in November 2005 and started to miscarry that same day. I feel your pain hon. I am now seeing and RE and will be starting my 6 round of clomid tomorrow. I wish you luck in your journey to conceive, it could be a difficult one. Find yourself a support group of women who could understand what you are going through. That's what I have done. My girls keep me sane and grounded and keep my heart from breaking every single month. My name is Tanya and I have been ttc#2 for 36 months.


mommy2josh - January 4

LOL, it sounded really funny. Like "hi my name is Tanya and I am an -------" dont want to offend anyone. Good luck again :)


Morrison1 - January 5

Hi Karen. I am not a new poster to the boards, but I had been on the Pregnancy Loss and M/C board for about 9 months when I decided in October to take a break. I don't want to sound negative since I have heard LOTS of positive stories about clomid...however, I am not one of those stories. I am now 37 and started ttc in 1/06. I got pregnant right away and m/c in Feb. Got pregnant again in March and m/c again in April. I went to an RE and the ONLY thing they could find was a very slightly raised FSH of 11. I started doing acupuncture, and my FSH dropped to 9.4, but we went 6 months without conceiving again. I was put on clomid in November and got a BFP on 12/18. Unfortunately, when I went to my first u/s they found it was an ectopic and I just had my second shot of methotrexate today (my HCG wasn't dropping fast enough). Due to age and potentially rising FSH my RE suggested that our next move, once the ectopic is resolved, should be IVF. I am nervous, but I have awhile to stew on it. I NEVER imagined my ttc journey would end up this way. DH and I are devastated right now and I find support difficult to come by. Just today, I told someone at work and her response was, "God, that sucks. Ugh". Literally. As if I had dropped my peanut butter toast on the kitchen floor, face down. For some people, it can be a very long, painful, difficult journey, while for others, it is a cinch. Anyway, the RE should have some insight and a plan to test things and see where you are. If you got pregnant once on clomid, then that is a very good sign for you. It means you have crossed hurdle number one, which is the ability to conceive. The RE may think another round of clomid is all you need! Good luck to you.


Morrison1 - January 5

Slowpoke, I see you have had an ectopic. Did you need surgery or did you just do metho? If so, ow many shots? How long did it take you to actually miscarry and for your HCG to drop? Mine is currently at just over 4200.


karenk - January 5

Thanks for the words of support. DH and I are actually joining an in-person support group later this month. We just moved to a new state, so I don't know many people here yet. Infertility can be a lonely adventure.
I did see the RE yesterday. He said, "I am encouraged by your misery", meaning he agrees we have crossed a major hurdle in that I got pregnant. He is going to recheck my progesterone after I ovulate, and he wants me to restart the Clomid next cycle. He didn't seem concerned about my lining, but said if I have another m/c then he will aggressively pursue reasons why. He just feels that so many pregnancies end in m/c (especially first ones for some reason), that the odds are it was just one of those things and not something that is terribly wrong. The hardest part right now is just waiting for my normal cycle to return. I have heard things can really get messed up after m/c. I was super-regular beforehand. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that happens again.


Morrison1 - January 6

Hi Karen. I completely understand what you are feeling right now...the waiting is horrible. This was my third m/c, but my first ectopic and the whole idea of something growing inside me, in the wrong place, that drugs actually terminate is a horrid image to me and I can't seem to get away from it. I can't believe I am saying such a thing, but I really wish they would just give me a D&C. Now, they can't since the tissue isn't IN my uterus, so I just have to wait for the bleeding to start and then for my normal cycle to return. The good news is that for my last two, I had my normal period relatively quickly...I want to say around 4 weeks, so hopefully it won't be a long wait for you. Just think, we are already a week + into it. It is true that many people only m/c one....so I pray for you that is the case and a little care from the RE will get you up and running. I am considering a support group myself as this loss has hit me fairly hard and I even though I have lived in Denver for 6 years, I have minimal people that truly understand. Most people just don't get it and can not relate. How did you go about finding your group?


karenk - January 8

Hi Morrison. I googled local support groups to find one in my area. There were actually a few, to my surprise. I ended up choosing the one that is sponsored by our local women's hospital. It is a six week session, and hopefully it will start in Feb. My RE also has a therapist on staff, but it is an hour's drive from here, so I am holding off for awhile. Being on these boards helps too. Question: did you ovulate the cycles after your miscarriage? I usually ovulate like clockwork, but I have no signs this month. OPKs are so far negative, and I have no CM. Temps are also extremely low (the lowest they have ever been by far). Just curious. I see my regular OB on the 18th, so good questions for them I suppose.


Morrison1 - January 8

Hi Karen. Yes, I ovulated after my m/c and you should too. However, it will not happen before your HCG level falls to zero and it is likely you still have HCG in your system at this point since your m/c is pretty recent. Did you have D&C, or have you had a natural m/c at home? Is the bleeding all done? Did they check your HCG levels at all? How is it they confirmed that you were miscarrying. My last HCG test, which was Saturday AM was in the low 3000's, so it's dropping and my actual m/c started yesterday, which means I will probably ovulate in about 3 weeks and get my period two weeks after that. Just a guess, but that's about regular for me. Oh, and on a side note, some people also take sensitive pregnancy tests to see how their levels are dropping, if you take a test ,and it's stil +, then you still have enough HCG in your system to register.



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