miscarriage ??
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madkins - March 17

hey, i found out on tues. march 13 that i was pregnant. (I took 5 hpt and 2 at the dr).my hcg levels were about 25. the nurse told me that i was only a couple of weeks pregnant but according to my last period i should have been 7 weeks. then on thursday night i started having brown discharge and then bleeding on friday. i went to the emergency room and both of thier pregnancy tests came back negative. could i have already miscarried before i got the positive results? or is it possible for hormones to drop that quickly?i am not sure if the bleeding that i had was my regular period or not. how do i know?sorry this is so long but i am really confused about what happened.


wantanotheraftertr - March 17

Yes it is possible I had a m/c this week and my pregnancy was confirmed by a blood test my levels did go up for a few days then they started to drop so I knew 1 week ahead that it was happening I am so sorry for your loss



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