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Stars - November 28

Hi ladies, I am 25 and TTC. My boyfriend and I have gotten pregnant twice but lost both at 8 weeks and 5 weeks, it's 6 months since the last miscarriage an we are still TTC.. Any one else feeling frustrated?


MilanaK - April 25

I'm so sorry you had to go through MC. But now I feel I'm not alone in this and I have someone who will listen to my story, understand me and support me.

I'm not the one who talks about my problems with family or friends. Even my husband... Though he supports and comforts me, but I know he is also in pain as I am. So I don't want to drop too much feelings and thoughts on him. I can't speak with friends. They just don't get it. I tried a couple of times to share my feelings with my best friends, but they start to give advices like "eat healthier" or "change the doctor" or "try new meds" or "read in the internet what to do" etc. I know they want to help and I'm not resenting. I just needed some compassion and reassurance... Well anyway I have you guys. We are all in the same boat.

My name is Mila. I'm 38, live in Italy. I'm married, no kids. My dh and I have been ttc for 9 years already. Not only it was hard to conceive, but also it was hard to carry. I had 3 MCs. I've lost my little babies on 7-8th weeks of pregnancy. My last one was on 19th of January this year. I'm so tired. I decided to stop torturing myself and my husband. These 9 years all we were carrying about was to gp and carry a baby. I feel like our relationship became not that good as they were in the beginning. We still love each other and want to have kids together. I just feel like we don't enjoy life and our love.

So, what I'm trying to say is I decided to stop and choose another option which will help us to become parents. I'm thinking about surrogacy. What do you think about it? My husband doesn't like this idea at all. First of all surrogacy is illegal here in Italy. I told him we could go abroad. But he said this is too expensive. We googled prices in the USA and they are really high… But we could take a loan or smth like that… He doesn’t want to listen. So I decided not to push on him and make some research on this procedure by my own. Then I will explain him all aspects so we'll be able to decide what is better for us.

I'm so sorry for so big post! I hope it didn't bother you. Thank you so much for reading it! I'm feeling better now. I wish you best of luck!


Anjlina - September 20

I don't have any advice to tell you but my sympathies are with you..try to be positive and calm....God bless you



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