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Karen - November 8

Could I be pregnant? I have all the signs and symptoms and yet my HPT said no. I have already had two miscarriages in my life. Will I ever be able to have children I was four months pregnant before I lost my first and 1 month before I lost my second is there anything wrong with me am I doing something wrong? Help me I need advice


Carol - November 10

Yes you could be pregnant and i dont think your hpt worked you should go and see your g.p. I hope this helps.


My heart goes out to you - November 11

I have had 1 miscarriage and no children. I know some gals who can help Hi , I would like to invite you to visit our message board. Its small enough to give individual attention to everyone’s post yet big enough to be supportive and informative. I know that TTC is a an exciting and sometimes heartbreaking journey. It’s so much better when you have someone along. Just join in anytime I know you will love it.
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Karen - November 17

my heart goes out to all of you to I wish you all the best


jo - November 19

try going to your doctor and see, you might have to have your egg and his sperm in someone else


m - November 19

Goodness, jo, please don't scare her. Karen, I, too, have had 2 miscarriages. However, I have 2 healthy sons as well. Miscarriage isn't uncommon. I know a lady who had 8 mc's before giving birth to 2 healthy daughters. If it will make you feel better, have the doctor check you out, etc. But I wouldn't worry right now. Just see what happens. If you are pregnant now, and you lose this one, then maybe you might get some things checked. Whatever you do, though, do not start worrying at this point. I've read on here how several women have had 2 or more and still went on to have healthy pregnancies/children. And by the way, I didn't get a positive hpt until nearly 2 weeks after my missed period with one of my pregnancies. And with another, I didn't get one until over a week after my missed period. Keep testing, or have a quantitative blood test done. Good luck!


intiaz - November 22

My wife had a miss carraage what should i do if she is still bleeding and what should i gave her to used {medication}


intiaz - November 22

yes you could be pregnant.the hpt probally didn't work so you should go and see you doctor or a gynacologis


kristina - December 6

complete bed rest and no sex


Tina - June 21

Wereing if I am pergnancy? I had unprotected sex on may 28 and since then I have had having symptoms of being pregnant. I have benn cramping lower back, feeling sick, feeling as if I have to vomiting. Today ( June 20-21) I had seen light pink blood and now I am seeing brown discharge. Please help I am I having a miscarriage?



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