Miscariage after 15 months of trying!
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LCJ - October 27

After 15 months of trying I finally got pregnant on my 4th cycle of clomid. Unfortunately at 11 wks 2 days I started bleeding and at the scan we were told the baby had no heatbeat and had died at 8wks 1 day.
I have a appt with doctor in a month and I'm hoping he will put me on clomid again as without it I don't ovulate!

Has anyone else had simular experience?


JenG - October 27

I miscarried twice... once at 16 wks and then a chemical at 7 1/2 wks. This is all in the last 1 1/2. The first, I hit rock bottom and the 2nd just pissed me off. Both were in between medicated cycles. Our breaks... go figure. Now, I am doing IVF in Nov. Hopefully this will be the keeper! Generally, where you were at, the REs will like to have you regular for a month or two, then begin medicated cycles to try again. Since that was your 4th cycle, can you consider injectibles/IUI? They are much more powerful. Where they able to do any testing on the fetus? ... You will get pregnant again. I know it is hard with the time you have spent in this and then have it end in miscarriage. However, you do have a learning from this that many women with fertility issues have not gained: 1) you can get pregnant and 2) since you lost at 11 1/2 weeks in a missed miscarriage I presume, you can hold a baby! That is very positive. The baby most likely was not healthy in this case. The only struggle you will be facing is time and when... not if. Keep your head up!


K - October 27

After almost 3 years of trying, I miscarried at 8 weeks. It was heartbreaking. I thought I would never get pregnant again and never have a child. The doctor (whose wife suffered multiple miscarriages before having their 4 children) told me I should try to think of the good news aspect that it showed that I could get pregnant and there was no reason to think that we couldn't do it again and that this was just a horrible unlucky fluke. That helped. The doctor made us wait 3 months before trying again to make sure everything was strong and back to normal, and it did take us several months to conceive again, but I did. I was on Femara at the time, and had to take Progesterone for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy to keep my level up because initial testing was not as high as the doctor wanted it. I now have a beautiful little girl. Don't give up. You might ask your doctor about trying Femara rather than Clomid because it does not have the side effect of thinning the uterine lining like Clomid does. There are a lot of threads about Femara on this website if you want to learn about it. I had Clomid for a couple of months, and then switched to Femara. Good luck.


wannabeamom - October 29

LCG, I was trying for over 4 years finally got pg after IUI. I miscarried at 7-8 weeks. Not the best experience I have ever had but I found I can get pg. That is the best news. Talk with yout doc and make a plan. GL.


nans_n - November 9

after trying for 20 months I got pregnant but had MC/Ectopic at 7 weekds 2 days. Now i'm already on my 11th month of trying again after the MC/Ectopic...I don't know how long should we wait. God bless all of you.


Tink - November 9

ladies, so sorry for all of your losses. i can't even imagine. just wanted you to know how strong i think each of you are! and lots of baby dust!


linds99 - November 9

LCJ, Sorry to hear about that, that is so devastating to have it happen and then have it taken away from you like that. So sorry. Just wondering, are you doing the HCG shot with the clomid? Actually, in my opinion, I would recommend moving on to injectionables at this point. Being on Clomid more than 3 cycles starts to have anti-fertility effects in terms of over estrogenizing the body, thinning out the uterine lining, and the quality of ovulation begins to wane. I have read a lot of women having better success with injectionables to get them to ovulate.



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