miscarage, then depo shot almost 2 yrs and not preg, why?
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anna - November 2

In Feb. 2003 i was pregnant. i was maybe a month along when i miscarried two weeks after i miscarried in late march i was given the first and last shot (depo shot). So i only got the shot once and until today almost 2 yrs later i still can not get pregnant. and i wonder why?
can any body help with my question?


Cindy - November 3

I don't Have a answer for you, but would like to let you know I'm going through the same thing as you Almost. I had my First Baby 3 years ago and went on the Depo shot. I've been off the Depo for a year now and still can't get Pregnant. I've been to my Doctors and they still can't give me any answers. All I can tell you is keep trying and talk with your family Doctor about it. Good Luck And Best Wishes.


ab - November 20

the problem may not be with the depo, especially since you only took it once...did the hospital do a D/C on you when you misscarried? D/C's can be a major problem, my sis in law had one and they said she may have a hard time getting pregnant after that.


J - December 11

What's a D/C? I just got back from the doctors today and the DR. told me I just had a miscarage.


tanya - August 6

I got an abotion then i was put on the depo, i only had one shot can i get pregnant now that im off it


rosa - September 28

me and my husbend have been trying for a baby for about 1 year and 4 months we still dont know why


joyce - November 12

i have the same problem to miscarriage took first and last depo shot and till this day it's been 17 mnthsoff depo and can't get pregnant i have no i idea why


Jess - January 13

I have been off the depo since May 2005. I have very irradic bleeding and cannot get pregnant. My mother concieved very quickly as well as both grandmothers so I believe it is the depo. I am just waiting to get pregnant.


zoegirl888 - March 24

i had a miscarriage as well in march of 07 then had a depo shot that same month. i have had nothing but trouble from having that depo shot . i want a baby , and for months i have had false pregnancy symtom each month, i have always been on a 28 day cycle and now its every 40 days that started 2 months ago.i know without a doubt that its that shot still in my system. even after a year of getting it and even with just one shot. makes no since to me



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