milky discharge
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Jodie - December 17

I am on clomid and was wondering if milky vaginal discharge was a sign of ovulation. I am having a ton of it and never really had it before. Thanks


me - December 17

I really dont know but i have the same problem people say it is a sign of ovulating


F R I E N D - December 17

well my discharge was clear white to milky white and I am now 19 days late but my urine test were negative. What does this mean?


Aleena - December 18

i have also same problem n me too 20 days late so what is this


F R I E N D - December 18

Aleena we're on thesame boat. 20th day today of being late.


Kristina - December 23

Your Pregnant :) Wait to test on Jan 1st :)


me to - December 29

im having the same exact promblem, but i still have been having my period. what does that mean? can i be pregnant?


Jules - January 11

Clomid produces an excess of estrogen/ hormones in the body.The milky discharge is normal while on Clomid. Can also be a early sign of pregnancy.


Payton - January 13

I'm not on clomid, but I'm a day before my period and have been having the mily discharge ever since ovulation, is it usually a dry spell before our periods, I can't recall??? But milky discharge is an early sign? because I'm really not experiencing anything else, but I would only be a couple weeks if preggo!! Thanks


Mary - February 7

I have also been on clomid, is abdomen tenderness also normal or could this be a sign of pregnancy with multipals.


hello - March 14

im on clomid have had lots of discharge since taking the tablet now im having lower tummy pains anyone have any answers?


confuse - June 3

Im having the same problem (late with milky discharge). Does anybody got their answer?


Deloris - July 13

I have a milky discharge but I'm pregnant that's normal


Kia - July 30

I havee the same thing now, my doctor says its from a mild bacterial infection.


star - August 1

I was 2 weeks late with the clear Slimy milky discharge(started around time I was supposed to get AF), then my outer areas feel raw/rash... then i got my period.... is this a sign of a miscarriage?


LANI - August 1

Yes it is I sign of ovulating there are three stages of ovulation and discharge the first it the skicky fluid and that tells you that you could start ovaulating within a couple of days and the milky or lotion like fliud means that you are fertile so you should have sex from that day until the day after the mucus like discharge


ash - August 1

hey just yesterday i got a big glop of milky discharge, and now its just clear and wetting my undies. had my af one week ago so dont know whats the story! fingers croseed



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