Mild endometriosis.
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AM - August 2

I want to speak to anyone in the same boat as me. I had a laproscopy in April this year and was diagnosed with mild endometriosis. Gyni said you must try to conceive as soon as, as she has cleared the adhesions out. We ahve been trying for last 3 months, everyone around me is falling pregnnat just like that. I am finding it really hard, i have been mapping my temperature, using ovulation sticks, but I am so impatient, want to be pregnant now, does any one have endo and fallen pregnant. Or do you have any advice?


Erin - August 3

As long as I don't start my period this month(I doubt I will-haven't in over a year) I'm going to schedule a laproscopy. The only time I have pain is around ovulation so before I do an IUI I want to check for endometriosis. Hopefully everything will check out ok. Keep us posted on how everything goes!


Joanna - August 3

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis as well. Recently my husband and I decided to start our family. This month I got some signs of pregnancy and I was so hopeful. Last night I started bleeding light but once I saw the blood I just broke down. I can't stop crying, even though it's only 1 month since I've been off the pill. I've read that women with endometriosis will have more difficulties getting pregnant but how I wish I were one of the fortunate ones.


AM - August 3

Hi Joanna. I know exactly how you feel, we have been trying for the last 2 months, and although my gyni told me it will take longer then the normal, I have hope, but when I started my periods last month I was so upset. I was talking to my friend about something else and I got so emotional because I was really upset about starting my periods. Everyone around me is getting pregnant, i also feel like I don't want to be speak to anyone. I guess we just have to keep trying. Im due to ovulate next weekend (13th Aug), so we are going to start trying every other day from this weekend. I ahve also started going yoga classes and pilates as its relaxing and I read pilates is good for endo. Have you had laproscopy?


sarah - August 23

AM i have endo but also mild although i have bits removed three times i also want to know how hard people have found it to get pre even if they only have a little endo?



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