mid cycle bleeding
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victoria - March 27

Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and had a question. If you experience mid cycle spotting ( I assume it is a sign of ovulation), should you have had sex prior to, during, or after the spotting occured? This has never happened to me before.



Cookie - April 6

Hi I would like to know the answer to your qns too.
I think I have mid cycle bleeding this month...


Melissa - April 6

Actually it most likely is implantation spotting. Sometimes when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall, women can experience cramps and spotting. I have never heard of anyone spotting when they ovulate. It sounds unlikely. I would suggest charting your cycle starting with the first day of your last period to determine what cycle day you are on. Generally most women who have regular (28) day cycles are fertile around the 14th cycle day. If the spotting you are experiencing is 5-14 days past your fertile point, you can make a good guess you might be pregnant, although your body could spot for other reasons that are unknown. The best way to tell is if you are late for your period. Then I would suspect something is up. Otherwise, you are probably fine. You could always contact your doctor and ask or be seen if you are concerned.


vicki - April 6

i too used to have spotting about 9 days before af , my gp thought it was chlamidia [ thankfully it wasn't] but it might be worth checking, hope its not and that it is a sign you have a little angel on the way good luck


nicole - April 21

for your mid-cycle spotting,it probaly is ovulation and you should of had sex two to one day prior to the spotting.


F-GAL - April 22



Clara - May 3

What is the colour of your spotting ? mine was brownish..and it occured at midcycle(few days ago), although my BBT has risen yet for this month. So it means I haven't ovulated (??)

Thus not sure if my spotting is related to ovulation. Pls help!


MelissaL - May 3

Hi Victoria, I read about this yesterday. I know this is a long post, but here is the information I found on BabyZone.com ... hope it helps. In regards to having sex the new theory is 9 day prior to ovulation (so day 8) start every day up until 6 days afterwards. A lot of the infertility clinical research has show that every day is better than every other day.
Many women notice a slight amount of spotting or "staining" for a few days after ovulation. For a long time it was thought that this bleeding was caused by the fertilized egg borrowing into the lining of the uterus (the endometrium).
It's a good theory, but today many infertility specialists don't believe in implantation bleeding, so they feel it shouldn't be included in any list of reliable signs and symptoms of pregnancy.
There are three possible causes of the bleeding. The first possibility is theoretical only and may be a myth. The other two are established phenomena.
Possibility #1: There is some bleeding associated with the actual ovulation itself, caused by the ovarian capsule over the follicle ripping through tiny blood vessels as the follicle ruptures; both egg and some blood-tinged fluid get scooped up by the end of the tube.
Possibility #2: The bleeding is a phenomenon of a normal menstrual cycle. In the cycle, the first half is dominated by the estrogen build-up, which increases the amount of endometrium in preparation for an implantation. After ovulation, the remaining ovarian follicle site remains as something called a "corpus luteum" which begins to make progesterone. Progesterone helps mature the newly grown endometrium. At about ovulation, there is an increase and then a falling off of estrogen. As the estrogen falls off, the progesterone climbs to "rescue" this lining in giving continued hormonal support.
In some women, this decline in estrogen and rescue by progesterone is a little skewed, and a delay in an adequate rise of progesterone will deprive the endometrium of its support and some will fall away, just as what happens with a regular period. Progesterone support that fails entirely to do the job is referred to as an "inadequate corpus luteal phase," and is the cause of some infertility.
Possibility #3: hCG, made by the placenta, also comes to the rescue of the endometrium, and if there's a lag in its support this will be seen as spotting. In a patient in which this mysterious spotting is seen only with a subsequent pregnancy, this is the more likely cause; if it's also seen with cycles that don't result in pregnancy, then the second possibility is more likely.
Dr. DiLeo


Nykki - May 16

It really does happen. I have charted my cycles for 6+months and have had mid-cycle spotting. In fact, this month it was as if I were starting my period, but it only lasted 1/2 a day. From everything I have read, you should keep having sex until you have a shift in your BBT and the spotting is supposed to occur on the day of ovulation. Good luck.


Victoria - May 16

MelissaL, thanks for your helpful post. You answered my question and I believe the others asked here as well. I found out that I was not ovulating at all when I went to the Dr. So, I must have been experiencing the low progesterone (#2) spotting. I am going to and RE on June 20th. I cannot wait. Meanwhile, I am on my first round of Clomid. Wish me luck!!! and BABY DUST to all!


nicky - August 10

just as you can have pain mid cycle from ovulating you can also have some spotting usually is will just be lightly tinted cm


Wen - August 10

I had this before. It happened 2 days after the main period finishes. My doctor said it was a polyp. I had a surgery to take it off. Now I don't have this anymore. But my doctor said it's not a big deal. You can live with it, get pregnant, it doesn't matter. I recommend you to see a doctor for it.



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