mid-cycle bleeding
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Lisa - June 1

Hi all, I started my a/f on may 14th. OPK showed LH surge on may 24th. Baby dance on may 24th and may 27th. Started light bleeding on may 25th till now. It's on and off. I just had to use 1 or 2 pantiliner each day. Usually see more blood after go to the bathroom. No other symptoms. Could it be ovulation bleeding or implanation bleeding? But how comes it is more than a week? Thanks for any input. =)


Inna - June 1

How often do you have this problem?


Lisa - June 1

I had some bleeding or spotting in other months before. Only 2-3 days. But not that long. TTC for 8 months.


TravelBug - June 1

Lisa - you and I have almost the same dates (LMP, ovulation), and I started bleeding last Tuesday night 5/24. You and I could be the same person! My bleeding was light, not enough to soak a pantyliner but definitely bright red sorry TMI. It had stopped after 2 days but I have had light brown spotting sometimes with dark brown tissue (sorry TMI again). Everytime I go to the bathroom and wipe there is little brown spotting, including today. I started having mid-cycle/ovulation spotting 6 months ago (TTC for 10), but it had always been dark brown streaks in EWCM. A few things happened this month though 1) I had an HSG done on CD8; 2) had a bladder infection right before O (yike); 3) stupid me ... had been taking 2 baby aspirins in the few weeks before O - I've since read that it may make your bleeding worse. I went to see my OBGYN and she said not to worry. If it happens again in the next 2 cycles go back to see her. I don't know ... AF is expected next Tuesday/Wed. Guess we will find out together. Good luck!


Milissa - June 2

its realy hard to say I had Implantation with my first and it was light and like pinkish red but it lasted about 5 days o it came around 4:30 am so I knew right there something was up? all you can do is wait lisa and it sucks... :)


Lisa - June 2

Thanks TravelBug. I feel so depressed yesterday so I decided to drop eveythings and go shopping. But it's good to hear someone has similar situation. So we can share our feeling. My doctor also say the same thing. She just told me to wait and see what happened. I think we should have faith. Don't give up. Baby dust to you.


Lisa - June 3

Anyone else have similar experience that they can share. So we can encourage each other. =)


TravelBug - June 6

Lisa - how are you doing? I am not feeling very good about this cycle. I temp so I can see my temps are following the pattern from last month. The witch is on her way already :-( I am beyond being frustrated.


Lisa - June 14

Hi TravelBug,
I am sorry I didn't get back to you. I am out of town for a week. I haven't got my period yet. How about you? I suppose to get it yesterday or today. But no sign of a/f coming yet. I haven't taken a HPT. I just wanted to wait to get the right answer. I will let you know.


LuLuBelle - June 15

Seems like the same situation for me.
Had a MC in Oct. Been trying to conceive ever since. Every time I have
mid-month spotting I hope its a Yes! Hopefully we'll all get there soon. :)


TravelBug - June 22

Hi Lisa - I hope you got a BFP. I didn't, and worst yet, the mid-cycle bleeding is back this cycle! :-( I had my 'normal period' on 6/8 for a few days, no spotting for a few days after that (so refreshing after spotting for over 2 weeks). Had my egg-white CM with brown streak (baby dance time) and we did the deeds at the right times. Then the night of ovulation, I passed a clot (sorry, TMI). The next day, nothing and I thought Great. But this morning I passed a couple of clots again, so I went to see my OBGYN. She did a biopsy and ordered an ultrasound ... I don't know what is going on. I need all the prayers I can get.


Sandra Marie - June 25

Dear Ladies - It is good to read your messages. For the last 6 to 7 months, I've been experiencing mid-cycle bleeding. My cycle is 27 days. Typically, I've been bleeding on the 10th day of my cycle. It's like clockwork. In March, I visited a new OBGYN who scheduled an ulstrasound and determined I had a cyst on my left ovary. I began acupuncture and wanted a 2nd opinion. After three to four weeks of acupuncture, I met with a new doctor and had another ultrasound. No cyst was found. That month I did not experience any mid-cycle bleeding. I went to 2 more acupuncture visits, but I'm bleeding mid cycle again, now it starts on day 13. Based on a blood test, my hormone levels are normal. At this point, the OBGYN feels it's very likely that this is ovulatory bleeding: when the egg sack bursts there is blood in the vessel that accompanies the dropping of the egg. She says the best remedy is to get pregnant. Which is what my husband and I are considering. Being that we're 36, we need to jump on it... I'm happy to say, I'm no longer concerned about the bleeding. I've been diligent in getting to the doctor, and I feel confident in her diagnosis, because I felt from the beginning that this was a positive signal from my body, not a negative one. I think it's my body's way of saying, "look, I'm giving you the strongest sign I've got letting you know you're ovulating! Get the message! Have sex and make a baby already!"


talila - January 9

I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year. We recently started seeing a fertility specialist. Last month I had a hysteroscopy and lots of fun ultrasounds. I'm on a 28 day cycle and always on time. Today- cycle day 15- I started bleeding. It is dark and somewhat thick. I have some light cramping as well. We did have intercourse two days ago. Anyone have a best guess? This is the first time I've had any bleeding aside from my period. My breasts are also somewhat tender, but that often happens midcycle.



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