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hansbaby - October 30

Just checking to see if there is anyone out there from Michigan on this site.
I am new here and would love to know if there are Michigan gals out there.


chele - October 31

Hansbaby, Hello! Yes I am from Michigian and have been TTC for 14months now.


tanner789 - November 1

i'm from michigan- st clair shores. ttc almost a yr on second month of clomid, with no response, ob sent me to fertility specialist. whats your story


chele - November 1

tanner789, Hello! I am from Commerce Township but I have a brother in Harrison Twsp. I've been ttc for 14 months now, 6 of the months were w/ Clomid and the last 4 also w/ estrogen, progesterone and the HCG shot. The 1st week of Oct I did my first back-to-back IUIs; this was all through my OBGYN. After this did not work for me, I went to see a RE on 10/23 and started to get ready w/ testing, u/s, etc. to try the IUI again w/ his assistance but found out when I went in that I had 4 cycsts. Looks like the estrogen and progesterone the OBGYN gave me was to high of a dose for me and my follies turned in to hormonal cysts. Have to skip this month out but hoping that come Nov they have cleared and I'm not to the journey of the 2nd IUI and hopefully the last. Are you taking Clomid for absence of periods or to help mature the follies sooner?


tk07 - November 1

hello! i am from commerce twp too!
i am on my first month of clomid and i had my u/s today and my eggs are almost ready! he said i have 2 ready so that is a little scary. i had a m/c in april and have been messed up hormonaly ever since.


chele - November 2

Hi TK07! Wow what a small world, just when you feel like your the only one, you find someone next door! Is this your first time w/ a specialist? This will be my first time (hopefully in a few weeks). My I ask where your doctor is from? I did a lot of research and ended up w/ a Dr. in Birmingham. It's a little bit of a drive at 6:30a.m. but from what I read he should be worth it! Have you noticed any increase in weight from the Clomid? For some reason I had gained about 12lbs since I have taken it. How excitingd from you, do you know the size of the follies now? I am sorry to hear of the m/c, that must be horrible to go through! Will you be doing an IUI? Lots' of baby dust to you!


tk07 - November 3

i haven't been to a specialist yet it is just my ob/gyn right now, we are trying this first and hopefully that will be all i need! but his name is cantor.
yeah one was at 25! so that is really good and the other one i don't think he said the size but he said it was big too.
so i am trying to think positive because if i have 2 eggs i have twice the chances but also a bigger chance of twins which would be crazy! i think i actually ovulated today though because i kept feeling it. i guess i will be able to tell by my temp in the morning! i haven't had any weight gain at all yet but i am only on day 13 in my first month of using it. but if i do it might be from all the candy! the only side effect i had was hot flashes at night, not too bad. as of right now no plans for an IUI.
wouldn't it be crazy if we have passed each other in like target or someplace! (i do go there all time!)
so what is your issue? mine was obviously ovulation/hormones but i can get pregnant so i know my husband is good and my tubes etc...
good luck to you!


chele - November 3

Hi tk07, my dh and I started ttc last August on our own but after 6mths and turning 35 my OBGYN said have your dh go in an have the sa (turned out fine), and then put me on Clomid like you. I am 28 day cycles like clock work, and I ovulate on my own but my dr thought my lutheal (sp?) time was a little long so she gave me Clomid to help mature the eggs faster, day 13 I would go in and have an u/s if I had good size follies then they would give me the trigger (HCG) and cross our fingers. Well after 2 rounds like that she decided to also have me take estrogen pills day 9-15 and progesterone cream day 17 on... After doing this 5 times we tried the double IUI. I did that the beg of Oct and unfortunately, that did not work. I was then told to se a RE. I went to him on 10/21 I think and he sat down reviewing my case. He had no blood tests of his own but thought it may be something to do w/ the maturation of my eggs. At any rate we began the process when I got af on 10/23. I had to go in have an u/s and blood work to check all my hormone levels. The u/s showed 4 cysts, 1 small, 2 med and 1 large. My lab work was good but my estrogen and progesterone were high! Go figure, that is the med's that my OBGYN had me on. Fortunately, he believe the cysts are hormal induced by these and should drain on their own. Because of this, I was told to skip this month and next month we will check and hope they went away on their own. Then I will begin the IUIs w/ monitoring and Clomid. This will be my last round on Clomid and I'm kind of glad because as you mentioned, I got terrible hot flashes throughout the day and terrible night sweats! Hopeully the Clomid is all you need as a boost and it will work for you! Typically they want 2 or more eggs to give you a better chance because in most cases the dominant follie falls (ovul) and the others just stay behind the scenes and wash away w/ af. Now if both fall and fertilize then yep you could have 2! I'm sure you know that the Clomid heightens your chances of twins anyway. May I ask your age? Yes that is crazy that we could be neighbors! I don't shop Target to much, but I'm at the Walgreens on Wise alot, Krogers and out by Twelve Oaks Mall. My dh uncle owns a bar in Keego so we go there on Fridays alot. I hope this works for you so you do not have to go down the road I am or many others on these threads!


chele - November 3

tk07, oops! I was going to ask from your comment about "I know I can get pregnant", do you have other children?


tanner789 - November 3

tanner from st clair shores, 26 yrs old ttc to concieve for almost a yr now. tried 50 mg and 100mg of clomid, my u/s on c/d 14 showed very small follies ranging from 3-11mm i am on cd20 now and still havent ovulated obgyn sent me to fertility dr who we saw yesterday in warren. very nice lady but i have to go throught a bunch of bw an hsg test and another semen analysis on the hubby. have you girls done the hsg test yet. i am not looking forward to it. still ttc for this month even thought specialist told me its very low chance of getting pregnant, so really this month is another no go. its very upsetting how are you guys handling the disappointment? i get very emitonal at times at its very scary to think i may never get my dream. they dx me with annovulation so i'm not quite sure why clomid didnt help me, obgyn said it was like me taking candy. i did exp hot flashes and lil increase in weight. what is an iui and does ins cover it. i dont know what my next step witll be since that probably wont be decided til dec sometime after all tests are done. i pray for the both of you, baby dust to all. hansbaby are u stillout there your the one who started this post?


tk07 - November 3

thansk! i am really hoping it works too. yeah they told me it is a higher chance for twins i thought that the risk was smaller than the rward though! .
i don't have any children yet, i just had the m/c in april, so i know i can get pregnant and we are hoping that the mc was just a chromosomal thing. since i only had one m/c they don't do any tests on it.
i work in novi and i love shopping so i am at the mall like every week or 2.
I am a youngster at 23, but i am so ready! we have been married for 2 years.
how old are you?
i hope the specialist can help! i always think how crazy it is that people have accident pregnancies, and other people try and try and it just doesn't happen. it is so disappointing. i was really disappointed a couple months ago but this month and last month i have felt better because i knew i was starting the clomid. it has been hard though.
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


rjrmi - November 3

Hi Everyone! Chele-I almost went with a doc in Birmingham but I ended up with one in Royal Oak! (Across Woodward)
This is my first month toTTC. We unexpectedly got pregnant in August and then unexpectedly lost it in September. During those brief few weeks we were pregnant we realized how important it was to us to start a family. I was lucky the first time around because I didn't even know I was pregnant until later when the tests could detect it. This tww is torture!


gmh - November 3

Hi, this is great gals for Mich. I am in Troy. I have been TTC for 2yr. Trying for first set of injection with IUI if my levels behave. For you lady in Harrison Twp. My RE is at 19 and Hall. Which is quite a trip for me. rjrmi if you don't mind me asking where is you Dr. is Royal Oak???


chele - November 3

Tanner789, as for the ovulation problem I really can't help out there because I have been able to ovulate on my own but maybe someone else on the thread can comment. Yes, I had the HSG done in 2004 at Beaumont. I was not trying to conceive then but had the test done for other reasons. I won't say that it is was not painful/uncomfortable (when the shoot the dye up) but thankfully it does not last too long. I'm sorry to hear that the Dr does not see much hope this month but keep positive and it may happen for you! Speaking for me, honestly I can't say that I have become obsessive or depressed each time I have gottent he bfn but it's very disappointing to me when af comes. I guess I just put my chin up and tell myself it will be my turn soon, god just does not believe that month was the right time. I have learned to put it in his hands, see the doctor and hope for the best! The IUI is an inuterine insemination... your dh goes in 2 hrs before you and gives a sa, they spin/wash the sperm for 2 hrs, you go pick it up and keep the tube btwn your bbs, go to your doctor and they use a cathater to inject the sperm directly in to the uterus. I believe from what I have heard/read that most insurances DO NOT cover it, I am lucky as my does. Good luck to you! Lots of baby dust to you!


chele - November 3

Hi tk07! 23, your still have lot's of time and age on your side!!! lucky you! I just turned 36 on 10/16. Too funny, I work in Farminton Hils around 12 & Haggerty and lived in Novi for about 4 years. I can only imagine how you could have felt back in April, but things will happen for you soon. Keep us posted! rhrmi, was it Marsel-Barg? He seems to be really good (I read up on him from previous/current patients). Are you going to an RE? I'm just curious since they are expensive and it appears that you got pregnant on your own once just the other month... It sounds like maybe you already were given the IUI??? since you mentioned 2ww. Baby Dust!
gmh, welcome aboard! My sister lives out by 19 & Hall. There is a Dr. Jones and a couple others from Oakwood that I was looking in to that own an office where you stated, could be one of them your seeing. BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU!


gmh - November 3

Chele.. Yes I am in that office and I see Magyer... there office in general is really good..
I have another question though.. I just got my FSH levels back 2nd cycle in a row I am at 22 therefore I have to take another cycle off no injection. Getting really fustrated don't quite understand.. have heard and was told by the Dr. office could be prementalposal... with the combination of only one ovary and age 37. anyone else have any of these issues ???


tk07 - November 4

wow! i guess i ever have to go to a specialist i know a few good ones. that is funny Chele, i work at 12 and novi roadish. (not the mall)
i am hoping i O'd today, i just want it all to work out. good luck to you guys!!



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