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Annie - February 2

My dr has asked me to take 1000mg of Metformin. Does anyone know if it is ok to take both tablets(500mg) at one time, or do I need to split it to twice a day?


hopeful06 - February 2

Annie....make sure you read the instructions on the label of your prescription. It should tell you information on dosage there. My guess is that if your dr prescribed 500mg tablets he wanted you to take them at separate times. But, you should read the label and if it doesn't say there, call your dr's office and ask! I'm on met too--let me know if it works for you! Be sure to see my post "Did anyone spot on metformin?" and let me know if this happens to you!! Good luck....


~s - February 2

Split them up or you will feel REALLY nauseous. I made the mistake of taking them both at the same time the other day. Not wise on my part!!!


mrose - February 4

Annie, I just started taking metformin as well. I don't know how your doctor meant for you to take it. However I have 500mg as well, and mine says to take 1 tablet one time a day for a week and then take 1 tablet twice a day there after. I don't know for sure as far as you, hope this helps :-) baby dust!



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