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chevy - March 10

i have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and i am on methadone. i am on a dose of 80mg a day. is the methadone preventing me from getting pregnant? my partner is also on methadone also. i really need help. i want another baby so bad.


my advice - March 10

hey sister,
my advice would be first wean yourself off methadone and your partner too. i'm sure it affects your ability of becoming pregnant and his ability of producing healthy sperm. good luck with the baby making. babydust!!!


Dark_Pink - March 13

Methadone is some heavy stuff there babe! I agree... Get off of the methadone then try to get pregnant. Methdone is so sedating I am not sure I would want to try and care for an infant while on it. Could be risky! Lots o luck! :)



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