Metformin Yes or No?
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Heather - July 1

I just got a phone call today from my doc-whom said that they have looked at my blood work and they have called in a prescription clled metfromin. I have read about this on this foreum and alot of things that are said kinda scare me. I want to know the real reason for this pres and what it is really used for. The doc just told me that my blood work indicated that Metformin is good for me. They did not say i had POCS or anything wrong. What do I do and can some one help???????


Drew - July 2

Hi Heather. They prescribe Metformin if you have insulin resistance, which is usually associated with pcos. It does help with ovulation if you are insulin resistant. If you have any questions as to why, I'd talk to your doc. It's always good to know what you are on and why. It can cause nausea and dizziness, but if your started on a low dose the side effects should be minimal. Good luck!! :)



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