Metformin, what's wrong w me??? :(
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Carrie - August 8

I am so heartbroken. Have been taking Metformin for 4 months - regulated my cycle to 32 days. Suddenly this cycle I am on day 38 no AF, not preggo!! Have been charting my BBT and it seems i ovulated on day 31!!! How could this be?? Whats wrong with me?


chicks - August 8

Hi Carrie! It's fate that I read this. My name is Carrie too and I too have been on Metformin but only for two months. But, I have not had a period yet.. And it doesn't look like I'm going to get one anytime soon.. I haven't even ovulated yet! (I use OPK's and BBT) I have no advice but I just thought I'd let you know that you are not alone. Let me know how you get along! If you only ovulated on day 31, it's too early to get a BFP.. Did you BD around/on that day when you noticed the BBT rise? If you did, then there's no way that it would show up on a test yet. Wait for another week and take another test. Maybe you might be preggo but it hasn't implanted as yet.. Keep me posted!



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