Metformin users: please help
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merlee - July 2

How does your Doc determine if Metformin will or could work for you? Since it was meant for diabetics and not for fertility. I have gotten nowhere with my docs and am feed up with the lot of them, but it has been 6 months since I gave up and I read postings here about Metformin helping with getting pg. I'm thinking of going to a diff. doc and asking about using Metformin. Any advice??


Drew - July 3

Hi Merlee, Metformin is generally used in women with insulin resistan pcos, it helps regulate your cycle. It will not work if you are not insulin resistant. Your doctor can determine if you are insulin resistant with bloodwork. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of being insulin resistant, and he should do the required bloodwork. Good luck! :)


merlee - July 3

Drew, Thanks for the response. I have been doing some research on the web and have found a very informative site about metformin and fertility treatment. I have been told in the past that I am insulin resistant but that it was related to my hypothyroidism, and I could stand to lose a couple of pounds. Maybe it could be my miracle drug and fix it all -lol. I think I'll call next week and get an appt. Thanks again for the info.


Drew - July 4

No problem. I too had hypo-thyroidisim, and took Synthroid for it. That cleared up, then they realized I had insulin resistance with my pcos. Metformin has helped me alot, as I too am overweight. I have lost 16 pounds since May. Actually 3 pounds in the last 3 days. My cycles are also straightening out. I think it works great! Good luck, and ~~~Baby Dust~~~


merlee - July 4

Drew, maybe you could shed some light on my cycle woes. I have been charting for 2 yrs now (and learned a lot) and have noticed that when I O (according to opt and cm) my temp will go up only .3 then next day up .2 or even .1, it will stay up and sometime creep up higher sometimes go back down. Only a couple of months has it gone up .4-.5 and stayed constant (only when I use progesterone cream). I have a 12 day LP and ALWAYS spot brown starting 3 days before AF. And first day of AF is moderate flow then almost nothing day 2 and 3 then nothing at all day 4, spotting day 5. Every month is the same. GP, Gyno, and RE all say I am ov b/c I have a period. But the only hormone test done (at my insistance) was a prolactin (28). I took Ovulex 3 mo and now vitex, but my cycle is still the same. It is very frustrating. Those who don't have a period at least know that something is wrong. But we have been ttc for 32 mo and not even a hopeful - something has to be "off". Tubes are clear, sperm is good, PCT good. I am at my wits end. I need encouragement. Thanks for listening to my rant. Baby Dust


Drew - July 4

Hey Merlee, I wish I could help you out, but I don't know what could be going on. I would make an appt. with your RE and let him know you want to get to the bottom of everything. Take all your charts, and just tell him you want answers to all your questions. Thats how I finally got some straight answers. Keep up with the progesterone cream, it seems to help a little. I'm going to try it too next cycle. But DON'T GIVE UP!!! It will happen for us, I know it! ~~~Baby Dust~~~ :)


merlee - July 4

Drew, thanks. I didn't really like the way my RE worked with me (but he came very highly recommended). I won't go back to him unless I'm ready for clomid and AI b/c that is all he will do - not even check hormones. Every one that I work with goes to a wonderful gyno (some had problems, but most did not) and my best friend is urging me to go to see him. I think I am ready to make that appt. and see if he has a different view of my problems. My previous doc's (GP, gyno, and RE) didn't even care what my problem was, "lets just try something". Recommended a lap but didn't think I had endo, recommended clomid but didn't think it would work. So what's the point, except that they get money for it all and I don't get pg. I'm sorry to be so cynical but I have been in the medical field for 16 yrs and have come to realize that doctors are just people, too and don't know everything. But money makes the world go 'round, and money is what makes the dicision most of the time. I just don't want to participate in that (just yet, I may have to change my tune if I am to have that baby I want so bad). Anyway, what day are you on? I'm 5dpo. I get my progesterone cream from, they also have ept and opk cheap. Congrats on lossing 16 lbs, that's great! Is the metformin hard on you? OK, I guess I'll let someone else talk, now. ~~~Baby~Dust~~~~I need all I can get~~Baby~Dust~~~~~~


Drew - July 4

Merlee, definatly if you don't get results from whatever doc your with now, find someone else. It gets very frusterating when they keep saying "lets try this" and it doesn't work. Afterall, you are paying for it. The Metformin was kinda hard on me at first, some nausea and dizziness, but after a couple of weeks I actually started feeling healthier than I was before I tried it. You just have to push through the discomfort and stick with it. You will see results. I'm on cd 29, my last cycle being 33 days. Big change from anywhere between 60-90 days. I'm kinda feeling like pms is rearing it's ugly head though. I'm tired and moody and a little crampy. One miniute I'm ready to jump in the car and get an hpt, the next I think why bother, I know its only going to be a heartbreaking bfn. I'm kinda out of sorts, I don't know what I want. I wish this would hurry up and happen so this unhappiness I feel nagging inside would disappear. One day at a time though I guess huh? It'll happen eventually.... I know it! ~~~Baby Dust~~~


merlee - July 4

Drew, I know how you feel. Every month is the same, so hopeful but reason says it can't be. The highs and lows are so devastating. I hope this is the month for you, and me, too. Did the metformin cause the change in your cycle form 60 to 33 days? And you have been on it for only 2 months? That's great! Thanks for being so positive and upbeat and encouraging for me when you feel "out of sorts". I understand where you are. I hope it is not AF. We have to let God do HIs thing in His own time, now if I can just follow my own advice. This forum has really helped me. thanks for listening. ~~Baby Dust~~~



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