Metformin Rocks!!
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Sam - December 9

Hey ladies, I got my BFP! I have been on Met for the past 6 weeks and it worked. I couldn't believe it when I saw 2 lines, I didn't think it was ever going to happened! Feel free to ask me any questions. Baby dust to all of you!


Mega - December 9

Congrats Sam, that's wonderful! It's so nice to hear Met success stories. Did you take the Met with anything else? Anyway, I'm wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months!


Jazzy - December 10

did you have any symptoms with metformin/like extreme case of diarreha. were you taking it for pcos if so were your periods irregular and how long have you tried to conceive before met.


Sara - December 10

How many times did you take metformin a day? I've been taking it too for a few months. I'm suppose to take it 3 times a day but I find the side effects are bad so I take it 2 times a day instead.


Lulu - December 10

Ive been on metformin for about 3 weeks now and barely have any side effects. i take it 2 times a day 500mg each. i had diarreha for about a day and that was it. anyone else not have many side effects?


Kara - December 13

Hi just wondering if someone can please explain to me just what exactly Metformin is...? Thanks!


Lulu - December 13

Metformin is the generic name for glucophage. it is given to women with PCOS to help regulate their insulin and help in ovulating.


Kerri - December 14

Congrats Sam....I was in your shoes about 3 months ago. I was diagnosed with PCOS in July and had HSG done in July too. We were going to try Clomid but my body didn't respond to the 50mg dose---however I ovulated on my own on CD31 and began taking the Metformin 1dpo. Now I'm 16 weeks pregnant and we'll know what the gender is in one week! I'm a believer ladies.....I'm still taking 1000mg daily of the Metformin and at my next appoinment we're discussing discontinuing the medication or staying on it until the end. So hang in there will happen!!



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