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cbug81 - May 12

Hi I am on metformin and have been on it going on 5 weeks. I was told that this would help with my period as in I would have one and that I would start O'ing soon. I have been having weird side effets with this and am wondering if any of you gals have had the same? Here they are: at first just diarrhea (really bad), then I switched to the extended release and now am having diarrhea, nausea, tender breast, hot flashes, occasional cramping(I was suppost to start wednesday) and everyone is telling me that I look pale (like white as a ghost, which is what I look like when I have been vomiting). Oh and I did O around april 24 and bd then too, and I have PCOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


cbug81 - May 12



mrose - May 13

cbug81, I have been on metformin since the beginning of Feb this year. Three months took my body almost 2 months to get use to it. I had those exact same side effects. I felt like sh**! It's alot better now though. Are you on anything other than metformin?


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 13

Cbug81 -- I am on metformin I too have PCOS. I have been on Metformin Since November 2005, I had the same symptoms, It does get better.

It has gotton me regulated where I have a cycle every 28-31 days. Here is a little history to help;

November 1st started 1000mg of Metformin = light spotting end of november being of december.
Very Heavy Period on December 24, January 20th Heavy Period, February 25th, medium flow, March 28th, Medium, and april 27th.

I am also BBT & charting to help understand on when I ovulate because OPK's dont work for women with PCOS.

Here is a link to my old chart:

here is a link to my new chart cycle.:

this is so long, I have a 5 1/2 year old, trying to concieve # 2, but i did have a miscarriage in 2002 and aug 2005 so I know it is possible just harder for us with PCOS>


sqeekers - May 15

Hi Ladies, I just started Metformin this past week. So far the side effects aren't too bad, just a little more upset stomach than usual. I am really hoping that this will help regulate my cycles. I have PCOS, and usually only ovulate a few times a year. I was on clomid a couple of years ago but the side effects were more than I could handle. We have been ttc for almost 3 years. How long did it take for the metformin to regulate your cycles?


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 16

- i started Metformin 500 mg for 1 week, then 1000mg a day. I have been on that since november 1st 2005. I have had a period each month since then. I get a period 28-31 days. I too have pcos, and we have been trying for about 4 years, but really concentrating since november.


casalilly - May 16

Hi, I too am on Metformin hcl 1700md per day. I have been on Metformin for 33 days and as of today have still not started my period. Pregnancy test was negative.
The side effects you are feeling are unfortunatley very normal for Metformin. The diarrehea and nausea are an every day issue for me.
There is hope however as I too am a fellow PCOS sufferer and was able to conceive my son via Metformin after onlyn 6 weeks on the medication.
The doctor suggested that Metformin be continued for the first 13 weeks and my Son was born healthy.
Is anyone else having problems with their cycle being delayed with metformin?


hopefulljules - May 17

I'm not sure if I will be of any help, but I too am taking Metformin, though I just started it this morning. I do know though, that my dr warned me about ALL of those side effects, so they are common. Good luck to you and keep me posted! I would really like to know hoe the drug works out for you!


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 17

casalilly -
When I started metformin On november 1st 2005, I had some spotting at the end of the month, and had a full flege period on December 24th. It may take a little bit to get a cycle. Once your body adjusts to it, you will get one every month unless preg of course. I have had one for the last 5 months every 28-31 days and each month it trys to regulate even more, this last cycle was 30 days


casalilly - May 17

Bubblesofjoy65 – Thanks so much for helping me to better understand Metformin. I have been researching for weeks on the internet about Metformin and its effect on your cycle. I am really glad to hear that your periods have regulated themselves over the last 5 months. This gives hope that as a PCOS sufferer that Metformin can regulate your cycle. All I can do now is wait till my period eventually arrives.


casalilly - July 12

Here I am again this time 3 months into my metformin and a round of medroxyprogestorone later (to induce a period) and still negative hpt. After inducing my af with medroxyprogestorone on June 13th I assumed 6/26 or 6/27 would be my ovulation date. On both those dates a small amount of blood tinged cm was seen. Here I am on 16dpo and no af and several negative hpt's. Had mild cramping on 11 and 12dpo. Not sure what to do?


hopefulljules - July 13

I have a question, I hope one of you girls can help me. I took Metformin starting in May. On June 13 I had af, and we bd 4 or 5 times the week of June 22 through 28. Now It's time for another af and This second month of Metformin I haven't taken it every day like I was suppose to. If af doesn't come, will it be from Prego or from not taking the meds?



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