metformin question (sorry long)
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kevinsmom - January 4

i am ttc#2 for almost a year now. i just started going to an RE last month. i did one round of IUI, which was unsuccessful. this month they have put me on metformin, which i tried once before about a year ago, and it made me terribly sick w/diahrrea so i stopped. the thing is, i am ovulating regularly so i am wondering if i really need to suffer on this medication? i was so sick from it last night, i wound up taking immodium. i felt like i had a stomach virus. i do have that low insulin ration thing or whatever they call it (but not diabetes). is there anyone who is on it even though they were ovulating reg? also, what about the stomach distress? it is so bad, does anyone have any suggestions? when will it stop? i cannot function w/constant diahhrea, i have a son to take care of also. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. i am also on a low dose med for underactive thyroid, which they just put me on last month. i am hoping that helps too.
thanks, GIna


jcr - January 4

Be sure to take it with food. Maybe try to take half a pill and build yourself up. Good luck.


MuzikGurl - January 4

I had the same problems and found out because I was taking 5 pills at once instead of trying to take maybe 1 or 2 in the morning...2 or 3 in the afternoon and maybe 1 or 2 at night...i found out taking them after I have eaten with a full glass of water. Also if ur not eating the right foods while taking them it can cause bad stomach problems....try to cut down or cut out fried fatty foods, as well as some's better if you eat it with good protiens like turkey and ham..not so much hamburger meat since it's kinda greasy. Good luck with it!


Tracy - January 4

Kevinsmom, I agree with jcr, try taking 1/2 of a pill at a time and slowly working your way up. I also am on a low dose thyroid pill. My doctor started me on 1 pill/ day of metformin for a week with a meal, then 1 pill twice daily for a week (with meals), and currently I am on 1 pill three times daily (with meals) until I see him Jan 27th and he mentioned that he might end up putting me on 4 pills/day total because of my insulin resistance. So we'll see. I had the same side effects as you did at first. Now I am fine. I have a very sensitive stomach normally so I had terrible side effects and my husband tried to convince me to quit taking the Met. But I have read a lot of encouraging things about it on this site, so I wouldn't stop taking it. And now I feel great! It probably took about 2-3 weeks before I didn't have any diarrhea after taking the pills. But after the first week things really improved! So we'll see what happens now. Besides I just tried to look on the bright side... if there's any chance of it helping with TTC then it's a great thing, and all of that diarrhea just jump-started the weight loss efforts at the same time! Also I have never been able to lose weight, but I am slowly losing some now after being on the Metformin! I wouldn't stop taking it for anything now!


kevinsmom - January 5

thanks for all the advice. it is tough b/c i have IBS, so my stomach is VERY sensitive. i also haven't really been "dieting" per se, so i guess that could be making it worse. i mean i am not going overboard, but i am not eating like a saint either. are any of you who are taking this drug ovulating on your own already? i don't really understand why i they put me on it, if i am ovulating on my own. i took another pill tonight, but if i have problems again, in the middle of the night, maybe i will take your advice and try just 1/2 a pill for a while.
thanks, gina


kevinsmom - January 5

one more thing....does anyone know what the actual purpose of metformin is? meaning what are the benefits supposed to be?
thanks, gina



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