Metformin Question, PLEASE ANSWER!
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hopefulljules - July 12

I have PCOS and I hadn't had af in about 6 months. I started taking Metforin on May 15 and I took it the way I was suppose to, for the most part. There where days when I forgot or something. I had af on June 13, and was SO excited! My question is, can it work if I didn't take it every time as perscribed? Can it even work in the first month? Thanks!


pm1307 - July 12

hopefulljules - i started provera in may and then after the 10 days i got right on metformin, been taking it since and i'm up to 850mg twice a day, and i O'd finally on the 16th and i had missed a day or so. haven't got AF yet and im 13 dpo. hoping the meds work that fast. but i think it should work even if you missed .


hopefulljules - July 12

Thanks PM! I'm not sure if I O'd or not. I heard that OPK's don't work for women with PCOS, and I haven't ben charting or anything. I was just so happy to have af, because that's really the first step to getting bfp! Anyway, I looked online and found the days I should have O'd and we tried and tried all that week, and now it's almost time for my af this weekend, but the second month of Met. I have been missing pills more than the first month, so if af doesn't come, I won't know if it's from everythign working or if I just didn't take the meds right?!?! STUPID ME!!!


hopefulljules - July 14


hopefulljules - July 14

I really need some help with this....Anyone.....PLEASE!



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