Metformin helped with pcos
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KeiraYvette - February 6

When I found out I had pcos I started coming to this site for advice which helped me deal with what I was going through.. my gyn put me on metformin, even though it took about 4 months to kick in I just wanted to let you girls know that it finally made me O again... so happy, after over 8 months without O I happy that things are back on track... and now im that much closer to ttc... thanks for your advice and support.. hopefully it wont be long till i have better news


shani56 - February 7

I'm so happy for you that Met has worked for you. All the best to you for the BFP. Can I ask you what dose you are on? I started Met for PCOS Dec 06 and this past cycle the progesterone test showed I did not O...thanks for your message it gives me lots of encouragement it will start to happen soon.


KeiraYvette - February 10

shani56 they actually started me on a low dose 250mg three times a day which did nothing.. i am now on 500mg three times a day (with meals).. I also take chromium tablets which helps heaps with the sugar cravings and B12 tablets for some energy... been on this lot for about 2 or more months when my AF finally came.. Also I dont know if you have difficutly with losing weight, I do.. (for 2 years i worked my butt of exercising for hours everyday and couldnt lose a kilo) but from being on the medication Ive lost 5kgs in the last month.. and ive also noticed my appetite to decrease dramatically... Counting 28 days for next cycle im due for AF on Thursday.. OPTs have shown be as O so fingers crossed I get another AF or a positive BFP..
I was feeling exactly as you were Shani56, i was reading everyones postings and getting so down that nothing would happen.. then when i let go of it all and let it be, it happened.. (well just the AF but better than nothing least its coming regular)... stay postive sweetie!



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