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MICK81EY - March 15

Hello ladies. This month my dr. prescribed for me to start taking follistim. I started and my estrogen levels became very high. So he told me to stop and next month he will start me on a lower dose. He also told me to start taking metformin. Why do i have to take it and what is it for? Please help, I'm new at this all. Thank u....


linds99 - March 15

Glucophage, which is metformin, is an insulin lowering drug. You are likely poly cystic ovarian patient, which is the only reason why I think he put you on it. (Or are you a known diabetic?) This drug is known to start up ovulation in some PCOS women and generate better egg quality in a cycle, releasing the egg at an appropriate time.


MICK81EY - March 15

No I'm not diabetic. Yes i was diagnosed woth PCOS. The dr. put me on follistim and metformin this cycle. I was on 150 mg. and he lowerd the follistim to 50 mg. b/c it hit my follicles very hard. So now he took me off follistim and told me to wait for my next cycle and he'll start me on a lower dose. I hope this helps for me to gewt prego. Do u know any1 that's going thru the same thing?


nicole12 - March 15

Mick81ey, I am going through the same thing. I also have PCOS and i was on metformin along with clomid before my first pregnancy, then had to go off the metformin at 12 weeks. I am now just going back on the metformin. If you have any questions i can try to help. Good luck!


MICK81EY - March 15

nicole12, Why are u going back on metformin? Are u trying to get pregnant again? With my first pregnancy i didn't have problems getting prego. now i do. Life is weird. How long do i have to be on them?


dunne - March 15

I am already type 2 diabetic and hoping to ttc within the next couple of months. I am hoping my glucophage and daily children's asprin will help me conceive when my blood sugar is at a better. I am older though, almost 43


MICK81EY - March 15

I don't have diabetes, but i don't get my periods either. I have pcos thats why i;m starting to take metformin.


tanner789 - March 16

i cant explain the metformin, but i can say i was in the same place ur are right now about couple monthes back, i had just started with my fertility dr and had all the tests bw and hsg everything came back great except i wasnt ovulating which then caused me to go without a period for god knows how long. our first month on meds, i took clomid cd3-7 100mg, and then for 5-6 days i took gonalf (a follistim med) my results progressed slowly my u/c shoed no follie growth but my estradiol level always went higher, finally on cd 16 my ovaries had exploded and i had 20 mature follies, 9 at least above 18mm and the rest closely behind, i was cancelled, it is very devestating and confusing, but u need to seek alot of ur questrions and concerns to ur dr or dr nurse, only they can tell u why ur on metformin. in fact after i was cancelled i made an appt with my dr wrote down all sorts of questions and felt so much better afterwards. i am finally back into the game this month and starting the meds all over, but a lower dose of the gonal-f-i hope u find the support and answers ur looking for on here. not too sure if i helped at all, but was curious as to see if u developed any large follies and thats part of the reason u were cancelled, and do u remember ur estrogen levels?


MICK81EY - March 16

Hi Taner789. Yes i developed very large follies so the dr. told me to come of the follistim this month. He will put me on it again next month with a lower dosage. He also prescribed for me metformin, so i started taking it today. i hope everything goes well. good luck to u 2


tanner789 - March 16

what is metaformin and when u had large follies do u remember how many. the wait for the next month sucks but it will be here soon hopefully baby dust, and hope u get ur questions answered


MICK81EY - March 19

YES TANNER789. The dr. said i had 20 follies and they all were the size of a grape which i think is not good. I have no idea anymore.... But hopefully, everything will work out


tanner789 - March 20

well i hope it works out for the both of us sound slike 20 follies is a popular number any plans for the next month yet? my shots started tonightyeah-baby dust to ya


nicole12 - March 20

Mick81ey, yes I had thought about it, but recently decided to hold off a couple of months. The metformin also helps women with PCOS lose weight, b/c it is hard for them. I was on it before my first pregnancy and never started it after giving birth.



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