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tanner789 - May 17

okay ladies first i am a lil confused, i had bw done in my initial visit with my re which confirmed i didnt have pcos due to my bw results. but since reviewing my last two medicated cycles and the results she has seen from me, she is starting to think i have pcos due to the medicated cycle results, non ovulation, & non existing periods. my past two cycles had existed of cd3-7 clomid and gonalf. the first month my ovaries exploded and i had around 26 mature follies and was cancelled, this past month i had the same meds, and had a very slow start and my estradiol level increased and then would drop and my follies werent frowing, on cd15 right when she was going to cancel me my follies started growing and matured around cd 19 when i had iui, that cycle didnt work and was confirmed thru bw that i didnt even ovulate. she is suggesting that form that it shows i have signs of what a pcos patient expereinces. this mext month we are doing straight injectables, but im curious as what is this metformin and how does it help you conceive. i did call my nurse today and ask if i would benfit form being on that med as well and im waiting for the call back from the drs answer. how do they determine you need that med, im hoping someone expereinced with pcos can help. thanks in advance



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