Metformin and Nausea??
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gtfamily - May 1

I have been on metformin for a week, I am EXTREMLY sick on it, I also have headaches. No GI problems besides gas. Does anyone else have this problem and how long does it last??


dunne - May 1

Hi there, I am a type 2 diabetic that is ttc. I have been on metformin for a few years now and can confirm that it will cause nausea and diarrea (sp?). They didn't cause me headaches but given how you have been feeling I'm sure it is possible. Your body needs to get used to the new meds, I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck...Sam


angelgabby84 - May 1

Hey!! I started taking metformin in Nov 2006 i was taking 500mg for one ween then 1000mg the next week and then 1500mg from then on. I was ssssoooo ill by the third week, i was having terrible headaches adn feeling really sick and had diarrea. I couldnt eat anything and i lost 2 stone in three weeks. I had to go to hospital where i was advised to stop the metformin. After one week off work, i was back to normal and the weight came piling back on. I could clearly see the results of taking metformin and i was determined that i would try again. It took me two months to get up to 1500mg per day. I started off taking one for a week then i went on 1 mon wed fri sun with 2 tue thur sat (you get me) and i have been taking 1500mg for almost two months. hang in there, you should be fine, as dunne said your body needs to get used to them.


Apalonia - May 1

Hi GT, I have heard the same thing from many people. My friend has PCOS and she was sick for about 8 days. I hope you feel better. She now switched to clomid I think. At first it was not strong enough but now she is on a higher dose. She may even have to go to 150mg/day. The point is. It does not make her sick because she could not go to work. Sorry for rambling!


Lynn - May 4

i did almost the same as angel. i ended at 2000mg. i did 500mg (1/2 pill)for a week in am, then i did 500mg in am and 500mg in pm, then 1000mg in am and 500mg in pm, then 1000mg in am and 1000mg in pm. it took me a month to get to the full dose. i also joined weight watchers and lost 30-pounds. after 7 months of met and loosing 30-pounds, i got pregnant in May 2006 and delivered my daughter Jan 31, 2007. stick it out if you can.



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