Metformin and Fertility Blend
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hopefulljules - August 3

I guess this is one for the DR but I wanted to see what you all have to say before I call them. I have been on Metformin for 3 months, and I was wondering if maybe it would be ok to take Metformin and Fertility Blend together? Has anyone done this? Even if you haven't do you think it's a good idea?


jojo33 - August 9

hi hopefulljules did you find out info im thinking about trying ferilaid with metformin


hopefulljules - August 9

I didn't find anything, no one here was able to help, or didn't think my question merits an answer. I think I'm going to go ahead and try it. If I start to feel bad or anything I will stop, but I don't want to call the Dr and feel stupid. I'm sure they will just tell me to give the Met some time. I also don't want to go on Clomid, because I'm scared of all the ugly side effects.


Lynn - August 9

hopefulljules...i took metformin for 7 months which helped regulate AF to 28 days solid. i am now 14wks pregnant with no other drugs. i have never used fertility blend so cannot help you there.


jojo33 - August 10

hopefulljules keep in contact and let me know im going to try it to good luck


hopefulljules - August 11

I'm going to start the FB tomorrow. I'll let you know how I feel and if it works. Thanks Lynn!



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