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confussed - February 26

I've read on lots of these sites that a lot of ladies trying to get pregnant have been given metformin and they have managed to loose lots of wieght. I'm on this medication myself and I been told to go on a low carb diet which I'm finding rearly hard as I've been told no potatoes,pasta,bread or rice this leaves salad and veg is this how you all lost the weight. Also this tablet is for diebetics so how dose it help get you pregnant. I take it with clomid I'm just about to up my amount to 150mg. Any help welcome. Also how long did it take for you to loose weight?


Mary - February 26

I been on Metformin for 6 months I lost 10 pounds started off 150 and I am 5'6. My doctor told me the same thing about carbs.i STARTED LOSING WEIGHT RIGHT AWAY, but it also made sick and loss of appitite for about 2 weeks so I think that helped to. I also stated drinking diet soda and those no sugar icetea mix ( that helped too. Now ^months later I eat what ever drink whatever and the weight stays off. I think it is the medication. I am on 1000mg once a day. Hope I helped Good Luck to you!!!


tryin4baby - February 26

I am on it too and have lost about 7 1/2 lbs. but with watching what I was eating. My dr. told me that I am insulin resistant and between that and the thyroid problem that is why I can't loose the weight. I was actually gaining it. Then they increased the thyroid medication and I was tyring to take the metformin every day. I have trouble remembering to take the second dose for some reason. My dr. is very against a low carb diet and I think that is what helped my cholestrol and blood pressure go up. I did that just prior to going to this dr. and have never had a problem with either before and now I am having a lot of trouble lowering them.



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