Metformin & clomid:
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Nancy - April 1

I've been diagosed as pcos and've asked to take metformin(1500mg) & clomid(50 mg) to help in getting pregnancy.My doc advised me to take clomid 50mg from days 5-9.My ques is has anyone tried using these both and got success(if so,what days u took & mg) or found any other issues-Please mail here.Please,PLEASE help me to make my decision.......


Kim - April 2

I take metformin twice a day 1500 mg. I have been for about a year now. I did not get pregnant but I did not realize that I was supposed to. I know that it helps with the PCOS. I just finished my first month of clomis 50 mg days 3-7 and on day 21 I had blood work done that showed that I did ovulate. Doc told me to wait another week ot two to see if AF comes and then she will test for pregnancy. I'll keep you posted.


luna - April 2

Nancy I was on metformin 1500mg and clomid 50g and I took my clomid day 2/6 and I am now 6wks pg after my first time on it. Not everybody fulls pg first time. Also I had been trying for baby for 2yrs. Goodluck.


Shen - April 14

I'm taking metformin twice a day too. I makes my hear beat fast. Does anyone feel the same?


Michelle - May 20

I have been on metformin for almost 3 months. I am up to 1700 mg/day and just began clomid 50. I am on cd10 so I am hoping to at least find out I ovulate. We have been ttc for almost 1 yr now and had no luck with clomid before metformin was introduced. I am willing to try anything to get pregnant so taking these meds was an easy decision for me.


Marianne - June 3

I took 50mg clomid for 5 mo. with no ovulation. 1500mg metformin everyday and 100mg clomid for 5 dys got me pg. Now I'm trying again and I just ovulated. This time my doc added 2mg estrogen for 4 days. Good Luck!


Drew - June 3

Shen, I noticed that too, and I also found that I got quite nauseated. Its getting better though. I'm up to 1700mg/day. I also started Clomid 100mg at the same time, now I'm just waiting to see if af shows up. Good luck to all!


kris - June 17

I have just begun taking metformin. I have been off the pill for 9 months. I had one period two months ago and this month I have been spotting or bleeding for 21 days so far. I had an ultrasound that had cyst formations indicative of PCOS but no other major symptoms-- sugar is ok, hormone levels, etc. My dr. is still trying me on metformin. Has anyone heard of this? Do you all have insulin resistance?


Drew - June 18

Hi Kris, I am insulin reststant, and my blood sugars are pretty good. Insulin resistance is totally different than diabetes. The Metformin should help though, I have been on it since the begining of May, and I actually got af right around the time I was supposed to. Hopefully it works as well for you!


Fran - June 21

I have pcos and have been taking metformin for about 4 years... 1500 mg/day. I do not have any side effects. I started taking 50 mg clomid from day 5-9 in March - April 16 was the 1st day of my last period - I am 10 weeks pregnant... After trying for so long it's hard to believe... Oh, I had no side effects from the clomid either.


Jacqui - July 11

I've just started metformin 1500mg and clomid 50mg days 2-6. Not many side effects - more from the metformin than the clomid. I'm on CD 11 and have a blood test tomorrow to check if I will ovulate or not. Apparently on average clomid is taken from day 3 or from day 5 and the earlier you take it the high chance of success??? Has anyone else heard about this?


christina - July 11

i have an appointment tomorrow, i have tried everything except clomid, and that is what my dr. is suggesting, i am petrified of side affects, as i work very far from my house and dont wanna be throwing up or dizzy, my friend told that happened to her and i am scared, i dont handle medicines well, any suggestions, input will be great baby dust to all.


Khristy - July 11

I am diabetic type 2 and have PCOS and my doctor put me on Metformin 2000mg. a day in June. I had a normal 28 day cycle this past month and now I'm am taking clomid 50 mg days (3-7). for this cycle. Met. makes me sick when I eat certain foods and causes me to have bad cramps while having a bowel movement , but other then that I have no problems with it. I have still learning what foods cause the upsets. We have been ttc for 4 years now but we just found out I have pcos.
I have always had irregular cycles.



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