metformin : periods
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hello - March 21

Hi All! I'm on metformin 1500mg daily b'cas of my irregular periods.But still've'nt received my periods which was past 35 days.I read from article that metformin brings regular periods.Isn't it?I just wanted to know if it's working for me or anyone who used this metformin 've received the regular periods.If so,Please reply.


Mari - March 22

I have been on met for about 7mnths so far I had a period every month well skipped one month. I used to have only 4 period a year due to pcos. It worked right away. But yet to get pregant.Hope this helped.


m - March 24

Hi mari!I'm also on metformin but i've'not got my periods.How long days did it take to get ur first period after on metformin.Did u've any diets?.Please reply.


Mari - March 24

Well I never really got my really got my period. I would only have like 4 or five a year. They only time they were reg was when I was on bc pill. I started the met July 23rd 2004 and soon got period like two weeks later in August.Here my scheldule after continuing taking it Sept i bled for two days and got my period in Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb and now I am waiting on March period. Doctor said I was ovulating but did not do any tests but getting my period that many times is very good for me. At first I tried to lay off sugar and carbs, but to this day I still eat thenm but don't go overboard. Over all I lost 10 pounds. 150 to 140. and still keeping it off. Hope this helps. Oh and I am on 1000mg daily.


m - March 25

Hi Mari!Very thanks for replying me.My case was different from urs.Being 35 days on 1500mg i don't get my periods.Anyway,i've to consult Dr. today.My heartfelt wishes to've a good news this year.


Mari - March 25

You are very welcome m.! Good luck to you too.


AD - April 30

Mine is doing the opposite! And I am not even up to 3 pills per day. 3 times in the last 40 day - pretty close to regular periods for me.


Rita - November 12

I have just started taking metformin after 2 years of no periods. Am a bit scared about it. When can I expect my first period. And does it really help to lose weight?


Becca - November 12

I am researching metformin to use to TTC and help control weight (all due to PCOS). Here is a link I found that may answer your question about weight loss:



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