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B - January 10

i was wonder if any of you ladies are on Metformin. i was thinking about taking it, as my doctor has mentioned it and said to read up on it and find out more info and then come back if i would like to take it...does it have any nasty side effects? and how effective has it been? ie have any of u ladies become pregnant by it? especialy interested in the ladies who have PCO...thanx ;o)


sara - January 11

hi . i am on metformin. diagnosed as pcos. no preg yet. i miscarried this in oct. no side effects for me. been trying for some time. u can take it .


B - January 13

ok thanx...has anyone one else been on Metformin and birth control at the same time?


Nava - January 16

Yes, I have PCO and I am two months pregnant from it. My husband and I have been together ten years, this is my first pregnancy. I was very overweight when I first started taking them and I lost about sixty pounds on my own, so maybe it is a combination of the weightloss and metformin.
When I first started taking metformin I was on birthcontrol and I took them at the same time, so there is no problem taking them together. I just found I hardly had any blood during my period.

The only thing is if you are young, the Metformin is hard on your kidneys and taking them over the years may cause damage to the kidneys. I think I am going to try to switch to something else, but I am only pre-diabetic and was losing weight prior to the pregnancy so I don't really need them as much.


tyrin4baby - January 19

metformin is a diabetic medication. I've just started taking it as well. What I have been told and/or have read about it there is an increased chance of pregnancy but is not used as a fertility drug. I've been going to a fertility specialist and they said the same thing as well. My cousin was on glucaphage in which metformin is the generic form. They put her on it when she was taking the injections to try to help decrease the amount of eggs.


Sara - February 2

yes, i am taking it for pcos and the only side effect is crampy bm's ugh. But not preg yet. Its depressing.


LD - February 3

I was just put on metiform. I tried 2 months of just clomid and it didn't work. I didn't ovulate. My doctor decided to add metiform to see if that helps. I am taking 1000mg. I am always eating small snacks because I do feel sick especially if I don't eat. I also take progesterone to start my period. I hope to start next week which will start my cycle. This month I'm going to take my BBT and see what is going on with me. I have PCOS so I knew I'd have problems getting pregnant. I just didn't realize all the medications I'd have to be on. I hate taking 5 pills a day. (also taking prenatal vitamins for just incase). If it works it will be worth it. Feeling sick to my stomach is about the only bad side effect that I've had.


Safina - February 15

hi i am on metformin, i have pcos, when i took the 500mg dose there was no difference, but it was a good dose to start on to vercome any side effects such as nausea. i then went onto 850mg and after two months i got back my periods, they are long cycles but i hadn`t had my periods for over 6months so it has really helped. i am hoping it will help me get pregnant too.


Nikki - February 16

I tried to get pregnant for 8 months without success. My doctor put me on Metformin. The second month taking the medicine did result in a pregnancy. However, I miscarried 8 weeks later. I am waiting for another cycle to start so I can try again using Clomid and Metformin. I hope this information helps. I also have PCOS and went thru infertility shots to conceive my first successful pregnancy and went on the have 2 more children on my own without medicine. However, I am not that lucky this time.


Lee - February 17

I'm on Metformin, have been for over a year, I also have PCO and have not become pregnant yet and have been trying even before the pills. Althought I'm on Metformin for diabetes and no side effects have occurred for me.


Stephannie - February 17

Hi, I have been on Metformin ( gloucophage XR ) for a few yrs, my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby, I have Non Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. (pco is also a symptom) . My doctor advised it will help prevent the baby from getting diabetes. The only side effect I don't like is that if I forget to eat when I take it my sugar drops real fast and I can barely move. (scary) Are you insulin sensitive?


Nick - February 18

My wife has been treated for PCOS using metformin and it has helped. Our Doctors are telling us to stop metformin once pregnant but within a week of doing so last time we lost the baby. She is now pregnant again and we have not yet had the appointment with the Doctor but we know what they will tell us to do. Some trials suggest a huge reduction in miscarriage rates in women with PCOS when treated with metformin and I've read that asprin can also help (please read up on the subject and don't take this as medical advice). We are now in a real panic and looking for information that we can use to pursuade the Doctor to change his mind.


N - February 18

Dear Nick, I was put on Metformin this fall because I haven't been able to conceive in nearly a year. I have 3 children already and had gest. diabetes with the first pregnancy and was put on insulin. The other 2 pregnancies were controlled with diet and I didn't have gest diabetes with them. My sugars have been fine since their births and my doctor put me on Metformin anyway because of the PCO. I became pregnant during my sencond month of taking Metformin, and my docotor wanted me to take it during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. Unfortunately I recently lost the baby at 8 weeks. My doctor wants me to continue on Metformin and to take Clomid and baby asprin the next time we try to conceive. I would discuss with your doctor why he requests you stop the medicine when it had been prescribed to me to help prevent miscarriage. Remember, it's your choice and you should do what you feel is right. Good Luck


TASH - February 27

Hi. I have been on metformin for three years. I have PCOS. I used chlomid to get pregnant. I didn't take metformin during my first pregnany and I miscarried at 10 weeks. I did take it during my second pregnany and miscarried at 8 weeks. I was sick on metformin until I took 2 800mg doses rather than 3 500mg.


Gena - March 9

I have been on metformin for ~2 years now,m solely for infertility. I don't have PCOS or diabetes, nor am I pre-diabetic. My doctor said it has shown to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant, and then keeping the pregnancy during the first trimester (reduces chance of miscarriage). I have had 3 IUIs, and just did my 4th IVF - I am now pregnant, still on metformin. So far, so good. But, I have heard you should come off of metformin after the first trimester if possible. Initially on metformin, I lost ~#20. And, the effect on bowels/gas/diarrhea is unpleasant, but subsides over time. I take between 1500-2000mg/day.


Joanne S. - March 10

Come March 30th, I will have been on Metformin, 1000mg a day, for 8 weeks. My last normal period was on Jan. 25th. I should have had my period on Feb. 22nd, but it's still not here..My question is, how long after taking Metformin can you get pregnant? I have not had any signs of being pregnant, just the missed period..I have been regular for two years now. I have not taken a hpt yet, in fear that it will be that big old NO...Let me know how long you guys have been on Metformin before getting pregnant. My doc said that she put one of her patients on it the end of Nov., and in Dec she was pregnant..Thanks


Nika - March 10

I have PCOS, infertility spec placed me on Metformin. With initial dose I had no side effects but when I increased to 1000mg I was very sick to my stomache..Begining on my first cycle after being on Metformin for one month at 1000mg I took Letrozol and responded well..after 5 days I then used an Hcg injection to trigger ovulation and was scheduled for an IUI ...I am now 20 weeks pregnant. Doc advised me to stay on Metformin for 12 weeks but I was not comfortable continuing the medication w/ my pregnancy and didn't.. I have had no problems and the baby is healthy!



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