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Moñi - June 20

I'm on metformin because I have a problem ovulating. I have speradic periods. I'm trying to get pregnant and I honestly don't know when I ovulate, I have most of the symptoms as if I were pregnant besides the tenderness to my breasts, is that the side effects to the metformin?


shortyj080588 - June 21

hi, im also trying to concieve, for over a year now. My doc gave me metformin but i havnt started them yet. dont know what the side affects are besides sickness diarreah and belly cramps.


nena79 - July 17

Ladies..... WHat a battle this is huh? My last period was 3/15/06. Befor ethat, I was pretty regular but also much thinner (I'd lost weight for my wedding). Now that i've put the weight back on I hadn't gotten my period. Coincidence? Not sure. My GYN put me on Metformin as well (500mg twice a day). I got my first flow of blood on 7/13 but it is unbearably light.... Almost nonexistanct. Has nopt been red yet either, just very pink. Not sure what's going on, just so tired of the entire process. I conceived twice when I was younger but because of circumstances wasn't able to keep. Could this be karma?



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