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MommyBrittany - February 24

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year unsuccessfully. I'm only 23 and had very irregular periods (over 45 days). In Dec 2011, my OB started my on Metformin 500mg for the first 2 weeks and then 1000mg after that. I started taking Metformin in the middle of my cycle. I didn't ovulate that month, but got my period much earlier. The next cycle I took Clomid as well. I did ovulate and my cycle was only 30 day, but I didn't get pregnant. This cycle, I took Clomid again along with the Metformin and just got my BFP today! I started crying I was so excited.

I would recommend taking Metformin along with Clomid. I got pregnant in 2 months. Metformin made my periods much more regular. The only side effects I had were hot flashes from the Clomid. To anyone trying to conceive, I would recommend doing basal thermal temperatures and using ovulation tests to increase your chances. Also see your doctor, if you have not yet, to see if there is anything they can do for you.


ChanniB - March 6

i found out i had pcos in June 2011,which i come off my pill in that month and only had 2 periods since, i have been put on metformin only taking 500mg a day. today i got to increase to 1000mg, still haven't had any signs of a period, i have been trying for nearly a year now i wasn't explain to how these tablets work, my doctor just said that will help bring my weight down and help me become pregnant, was i suppose to be given clomid as well to increase my changes


margiemlf122986 - March 14

Hello everyone, I had all types of tests done to me. I was just told by my ob/gyn doctor that I have (PCOS) 2 day's ago. I told my mother and thought I was going to die. She (my doctor) put me on Metformin 500mg twice a day because I want to have 3 kid's by time i'm 30 yrs old, i'm 25 now. The only side effects i'm experiencing is an upset stomach. Is there anyone that can tell me what i have to look forward to. And how lond is it going to took for me to get pregnant. Thanks


MrsCCP - March 22

Wow after reading all the way back im suprised but happy to see some recent posts :)
I was diagnosed with PCOS just the beggining of this year even though ive suspected it for years. The reason i finnaly went to the doctors though was because ive been bleeding since crimbo eve last year (2011) and still am now - any way doctor did tests and i was diagnosed and refered to hospital ( which i missed but have a new ap soon) but my doctor did say i will more than like be put on met.

At first i was optimistic over the drug but reading all of these posts make me feel so much more positive. I am only young and have suffered with ireg periods since i started so my doc said the met would be to help regulate me and help me loose weight ( only 2 stone over weight but put on in less than a year ) i did not mention to the doc we are ttc as im always afraid they will look down on me because of my age 20 - but im happily married with my partner of 5 years ( nearly married 1 ) because my hubby is in army and will be going away alot more as from july im hoping i can conceive before then !

How are you ladies getting on with the Met ? Im really worried on the side effects! Are any of you
Becoming regular? I only have 2-3 periods a year ( one beeing on my bloody honey moon unexpectadly last year lol )

So sorry for long essay , just glad to find other people in same situation as me! All the best to everyone xx


xxkeraxx - March 27

I found out i had Psoc when i was about 17 i never had regular periods and could go months witout them i was worried so i went to the dr and they then told me what was wrong my Dr has recently put me on Metformin to try and get pregnant as she said it would be better for me to try now instead of later as it might not happen im still waiting im taking 3 tabs a day. I was wondering if anyone else suffers from iregluar periods and if Metformin has helped them :-)


ronhat24 - May 7

I have been having irregular periods every since i was 16 and i went to see a doctor when i was 19 because i only had one a year which was on the same time every year. So the doctor put me on birth control to regulate my periods. I was diagnosed last year with PCOS, I just started the metformin about four weeks ago now that im married and i would love a baby before im thirty. Im to my three pills a day (1500 mg) which is what my doctor prescribed to me. He said that i would be pregnant within three months and if im not he would put me on clomid along with the metformin. I have noticed that i feel dizzy sometimes, a lot of stomach cramping and also a little nausea. Hopefully this works for me and all of you ladies out there!!! =)


thenewme - June 10

Hia, im new here.... Ive just started taking Metformin, i am a diabetic, i want to have another baby so bad, has anyone got pregnant while taking it and how long did it take them, plus i am 19 stone 8, i would like to hear from anyone is in my position, please i am desperate, thank you x


tailorhaise - August 8

Im 18 years old and just recently got diagnosed with pcos. my doctor told me to get on metformin but to be very careful when having sex because metformin makes you very fertile. She also told me that since i want 3 kids, i need to get started soon. The longer i wait, the less likely i will be able to have children. But, my point was that she told me it makes women very fertile.


rossgirl22 - August 15

Hello everyone i am 23 my doctor recently dianoised me with pcos..its funny because all the signs were there as a teenager and i just look over it but anyways iv been trying to conceive for about 4 years and no justice so my doctor prescribe me clomid 500mg i havent taken them yet but i was recently taking metformin and it made my periods heavy but they started coming on the same day of each month..right now im experienceing all pregnant symptoms but havent took a test im gonna wait about 2 more weeks to see if my cycle will come late but hopefully its a positive test result


marinewife87 - October 3

I have been taking metformin for 6 Weeks now. I am on 1500 Mg. I was diagnosed with pcos a few months ago. my husband and I have been trying to conceive for three years. I have not had a menstrual cycle yet, but I have lost 12 lbs so far. I have noticed a change in my blood sugar. I have cramping and been feeling nauseous a lot! Hopefully I will get results soon. Good luck to all :)


vjstar82 - December 12

Hello Ladies!

I can't tell you how comforting it is to share in this experience with you. I about to turn 31 and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 3 years. I did two rounds of Clomid but heard that after 6 or more rounds your chances for ovarian cancer increase. Since my grandma died of ovarian cancer that was enough to have me stop the medication. I went to a new gyno and requested Metformin.

I am now 4 days into my first period since 9/20/12 and started Metformin on 11/5/12. It has been a relatively slow period compared to my normal "hemoraging." My usual periods are so heavy I need to change my tampon every 30-60min for the first 4 days so the change is very welcomed! I am curious how successful you have been monitoring basal temp vs. ovulation tests. I'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations. Best of luck everyone! :)


candypants - February 1

Hi all! I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago, although I always knew from a young age that my cycle wasn't normal. My husband and I have been trying for 9-10 months to get pregnant. I already have a 5 year old however getting pregnant the first time was no problem. I was prescribed today Metformin 500mg daily, however after reading prior postings, 500mg daily sounds low if I want to increase my chances of conception. The consenus on here is that women are getting pregnant between 2-6 months of being on the medication. To those women: what was your dosage of Metformin when you became pregnant? I Have an appt in Feb for the Fertility Center to have some testing done to see if therses any other reason why I am not ovulating. (no period = no ovulation. No ovulation = no baby) Best of luck and remember half the fun is trying! Cheers!


trying2beamommy - February 24

Hey I just got put on metformn for my pocs I'm trying to get pregnant. But iim not regular. How long on tsking them did your period become regular?


trying2beamommy - February 24

Hey my name is Jena and iv been on metform for about a month now. My hubby and I have been married Jan made 9 years. He has 2 Beautiful Children that I help raise. They both have made us Grandparents lol. Anyways I have pocs and iv just changed dr's and she put me on metformn yo help Regulate me and hopes to become pregnant. Iv been on 2 pills aday for about a month now. In 3 to 4 months I will start Clomid two. This will be my 3round of clomid ( but 1st with new dr's) we are praying all goes well. Can anyone tell me How long before they started having Regular Period when taking metformn. My dr also told me to start taking Prenatal Vitamin two


apaniagua - March 12

Hi i have been trying to conceive after ihad my 1st child with no problem but have irregular periods and go months w/ o having one,didn't take tests to diagnos me with pco but my doc just said she'll that me for it, so im taking 500mg of metformin 3xday, before she prescribed me the medicine she asked if I wanted more children because it makes women fertile and pregnant fast, so im realy hoping and passing this works =)


apaniagua - March 12

Hi i have been trying to conceive after ihad my 1st child with no problem but have irregular periods and go months w/ o having one,didn't take tests to diagnos me with pco but my doc just said she'll that me for it, so im taking 500mg of metformin 3xday, before she prescribed me the medicine she asked if I wanted more children because it makes women fertile and pregnant fast, so im realy hoping and passing this works =)



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