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lillybeth - September 20

I know its been like 5 years but im in the same boat u were in and i wanted to know if u ever got pregnant and if so how long did it take you...please and thank you


lillybeth - September 20

I know its been like 5 years but im in the same boat u were in and i wanted to know if u ever got pregnant and if so how long did it take you...and did going off the metformin cause u to lose ur baby...please and thank you


jclan - January 8

Hello all! I have recently started Metformin (Dec.20) and am currently taking 1000mg per day. I have a 3 year old that we had to use clomid to conceive. Since then we have been TTC. I am praying the metformin helps in this process. I go to the doctor this week to discuss my next step...whether to use clomid to go a little more in depth. Baby Dust to all!!


windrush28 - January 19

Hi to all. I have read through so many of the post and thought why not give it a go. congratulation to all the mums to be and succesfull ones. And to the people who have hope and with a lil help will get there. I have been blessed with 1 child a gorgious little, not so little boy who is now 5, we have been ttc for 3 years and after ups and downs i decided to actually go to my doctors and ask for help. seriousley tried not to cry at the same time tho. I have now been on 500mg mtformin 2x daily, after 4 weeks exactley my period came and now only 2 weeks away (roughly) from my next period atleast i have some hope. but after having roughly 2 periods a year to having 1 only 4 weeks in im hopefull. Would love to hear from other's,


mizzgiggles - January 20

I was diagnosed with PCOS the 5th of this month (Jan.) I was put on Metformin, I don't know how long I'm supposed to be on it. I started with 500mg for a week and then I went up to a 1000mg daily.I have to go to my first check-up appointment in feb. and probably from there ill move up the dosage. I was just wondering how soon would the Metformin take to work? My husband and I have been trying for 3 years and no luck, I am starting to loose hope and we are just hoping this year is our lucky year. I'm really hoping it works for me. Thanks


mellym26 - February 8

I was diagnosed with PCOS Dec.22 and my doctor put me in 500mg for a month now i am taking 850 mg I been trying to conceive for 3 years and I'm hoping this really works, my periods were starting to be regular until i started this medication, does anyone else have this problem?


HappyGirl - February 9

Mizz giggles and Mellym26, I was diagnosed with pcos the 12th of Jan after going for a hycosy. I was put on metformin that day, I was on 500 mg for 2 days and then upped the dose. I found that 1500 was to much for my stomach so I just stuck with 1000mg. Anyway I took a pregnancy test yesterday because I felt very icky. I was nearly sure I'd get a negative but to my surprise I had a positive!!! I then went and bought two digital clear blue. Both said pregnant 1-2 weeks :):) so yes metformin does work!! I still have to go to my doctor but for now everything is great. I wish you bothed the best of luck and think positive, that's what I did anyway. It will happen for you :)


Meenoo - February 10

Hi HappyGirl,Congratulations on your BFP.I am very happy for u and I really hope and pray that soon I will also post a same like u.My husband and I have been TTC since a year.Last nov I was diagnosed with pcos and started met 500mg and now its been 3 months currently on 2000mg.I had my AF after 8 weeks of metformin and no ovulation yet for this month.My question is have you ovulated on metformin and then u got pregnant?or got pregnant for the first month of metformin???


windrush28 - February 13

well unfortunatley my period has still not come and i have done a test and it was negative now 45 days and i was hoping the metformin would sort out the regularity of them, especiall as they only come once or twice a year. Fingers crossed it will help. But I hate talking to my doctors as they dont seem to want to help and i know im only 24 but in my familly pcos is common and after 25 things get worse, unfortunatley at 23 my sister had an ovary removed and now at 27 she is faced with the posibility of the remaning 1 being removed aswell. also my aunty tried for years with various treatments and nothing shes now 45 and given up hope. i did ask my doctor for clomid but she just said your still yound and that was that. im not due to be reviewed untill june.


mellym26 - February 23

at HappyGirl congrats I bet its a great feeling to see the positive sign. I am happy that I have gotten a period already now its time to start checking when I ovulate I hope this happens for me soon my husband and I been wanting a baby for awhile now! but yes being positive is the answer :)


mellym26 - February 23

at windrush28 have hopes I hadn't got my period for two months after starting to treatment and I finally got last friday! I have also been exercising because that helps to make my periods come more. You should try it!


Mathi - June 22

I'm trying to get pregnant for a year now. 3 months back my OB said my A1C is (6.5) at the margin of diabetes,im over weight and my testosterone levels are high. So she said I might be having PCOS and asked me to take metformin. After going trough this blog I understand I have a possibility of getting pregnant with this treatment. But my worry is if I start taking metformin, control my diabetes & get pregnant...does it mean i have to be continuously in diabetes medication even after I get pregnant? If anyone have been in similar situation, pls let me know the details. Thanks.


shay2020 - June 24

hey everyone im new to this and i have read all of the stories and i too have pcos and had since i was 13 i just didnt know i had it i just started on metformin and hope to have a sucessful story too wish me luck


nadine21 - February 17

Hi, Ive been on metformin since January. I started taking the tabs 1000 a day (500 morning & 500 night)on the 6th and started my period on the 14th so I was very happy! This month though I still have not had my period and I am worried now? Has anyone else had a similar situation? I'm wondering now whats happened and if they are working? Thanks


MrsTwilliams - February 18

Hi all i'm new here and i found out i had pcos when i was 15 im now 23 and, my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for about 4 years now, was just put on metformin taking 2000mg a day, im having some nausea hoping it goes away after a few weeks. i have lost 40lb in a year and my period has come 2 months in a row for the first time since i was 15, hoping the metformn works for me and everyone else...Good luck yall will keep yall updated


MommyBrittany - February 24

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year unsuccessfully. I'm only 23 and had very irregular periods (over 45 days). In Dec 2011, my OB started my on Metformin 500mg for the first 2 weeks and then 1000mg after that. I started taking Metformin in the middle of my cycle. I didn't ovulate that month, but got my period much earlier. The next cycle I took Clomid as well. I did ovulate and my cycle was only 30 day, but I didn't get pregnant. This cycle, I took Clomid again along with the Metformin and just got my BFP today! I started crying I was so excited.

I would recommend taking Metformin along with Clomid. I got pregnant in 2 months. Metformin made my periods much more regular. The only side effects I had were hot flashes from the Clomid. To anyone trying to conceive, I would recommend doing basal thermal temperatures and using ovulation tests to increase your chances. Also see your doctor, if you have not yet, to see if there is anything they can do for you.



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