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fungirl - March 7

Hi everyone, me and my hubby are trying to conceive from 1 year. i have diagnosed with PCOS and my doc first prescribed me Clomid 50 mg . i took it for 4 months but it didnt work for me then my doc put me on Metformin 500mg 3 times a day.. i am taking metformin from last 3 months but stil no sign of pregnancy and my periods r still irregular.. my doc asked me to continue taking metformin ...... can anyone help me and telme how many months do it takes to get pregnant if u r taking metformin ??


satclee - January 16

hi everyone, just found out that i have pcos and i started taking metformin 2 days now....i have experience no side effects as yet and i'm hoping and praying that i get pregnant...i have been reading everyone's post and I feel confident that will.....can anyone tell me a general time it take for the metformin to work?? thanks and good luck to everyone!!!


cris2008 - January 16

Hi Satclee,
I will just share a story with you to keep you on a positive frame of mind regarding PCOS. My sister is diabetic she's had it for nearly 29 years, insuline dependent. As a consequence she has PCOS. When she was 29 years old she went on dialisis as her kidneys stopped working due to diabetes. She did dialisis for about 6 months (the most horrible thing I've ever seen someone enduring). Then, I donated one of my kidneys to her. She was put on all sorts of imune supressant drugs plus more and she was told she could never have babies. A year late, she got married, was super healthy, still PCOS, don't know if she was taking the metformin, but she fell pregnant. It was a miracle, and miracles of life do happen to all of us. I have no doubt you will happen to you too! :)


luvsuga2 - January 19

I started taking Metformin in May 2009 to treat my PCOS. I wasn't really "trying" to conceive since I still hadn't had a normal series of cycles, but became pregnant in November 2009. I am POSITIVE that Metformin is the reason I was able to conceive.


satclee - January 20

thanks cris2008.....well i have been on metformin for almost a week now and i have not gotten any side effects that was mentioned......hoping and praying as usual....good luck ladies


Nila - January 21

I am 28 yrs and was diagnosed with PCOS 6 yrs back.I was put on Metformin right away and i responded perfectly by having my cycles regularly each month.But now when i am trying to get pregnant for 3 months ,doctor told me that i am not ovulating by doing an 12th day ultrasound and she wants to put me on Clomid.I read so many articles about Clomid and multiple births that now I am very scared.Some how i believe Metformin should be able to bring ovulation in me .I take 500 mg of metformin.I just want to know ,if any PCOS patient has ever conceived by being just on Metformin.Response would be greatly appreciated.


satclee - January 24

hey all, well after being on metformin for 2 period came after 4 mths..yayyy...i'm so doctor has me on 1500mg per day. hopefully everything goes well....good luck to everyone


obrien - February 12

It is bitter sweet to read and see so many posts with women in similar situations as myself. Of course, no one would wish these heartaches and complications on anyone, but it is comforting to know we are all not the only ones. Never having normal periods from the beginning (often times going 6-9 months without) and six years of debating the cause (the first diagnosis being the devastating premature ovarian failure), I was finally 'officially' diagnosed with PCOS, and recently started Metformin. I have been given the freedom to take all three pills (1500mg, stepped up over months) together, which works best for me because I have a hard time taking it in the morning, usually because I don't eat much breakfast, which then causes dizziness for me. Starting Metformin in November '09, after taking progesterone to induce a period, I have continued to increase my dosage and just this morning was prescribed a second round of progesterone to induce a second period, as it has been over three months since my last. After graduating college, I am now marrying my high school sweetheart and long time (6 years) boyfriend (fiance) in November and we have chose to not use birth control medications. Though it would be financially challenging if we conceived at this time, considering my (our) odds, it would be a blessing, and we would find a way to make everything work. I wish everyone the best of luck as we all look hopeful to the future! <3


pinkprincess86 - March 29

Hi - it seems a long time since anyone has been on this but ill try my luck...........i have PCOS been diagosed since i was 18 im now 24 been on met for 2 months now trying to get pregs no luck. i was just wondering does anyone have any tips to know when you are ovulating? because i have irregular periods its hard to know when to check (i normally use predictor test kits) i am also on clomid i started my first cycle last month. i am met to take x3 met tabs a day but it makes me feel sick so only can hack taking two x1000mg. Any advice would be great.


buddy007 - April 12

pinkprincess86- I am starting metformin tomorrow! With charting you can observe cervical mucus and cervix and take you BBT. I cant tell that way because mine are irregular too. There are also ovulation predictor kits


buddy007 - April 12

sorry, i had to re-read your post.. I don't think my answer helped!! have you found out if youre pregnant yet?


kate1983 - May 7

Hi, I have just been started on 500mg Metformin daily (I queried the dosage but my obs/gyn Dr is very specialised & experienced & assured me that this dose is more than sufficient - he quoted some research documents etc). I have PCOS and have been TTC for 1 year now. Had 1 AF during that time, had a BFP, but m/c at 9 wks. I am a "slim cyster" as they call it, otherwise fit and healthy and am desperate to have a bub! My question is, has anybody fell pregnant on Metformin without having a period first?


newmom2b - June 10

I was diagnosed with PCOS in February 2009 after TTC for 8 years!!!! My PCP prescribed Metformin 500mg daily in January 2010 for the first month and then increased the dose to twice a day the second month (February). Towards the end of March I began to feel extremely sick and went to the ER to find out that I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was told to discontinue the Metformin and now I am now 13 weeks pregnant and all of my tests so far have come back normal. I am so happy and blessed right now. So there is hope u guys. Just pray about it and take your meds regularly and it can and will happen for u as well. Let me know if u have ANY questions.
Good Luck


lillybeth - September 20

hi its now 5 years later that u posted this and i was wondering did u ever have ur baby and if so how long did it take you....Im in the same spot u was in....thank you...


lillybeth - September 20

now its been like 5 years and i was wondering iff u ever had ur baby....??Ive been on met for 2 weeks and i hope and im praying that i will get pregnant..


lillybeth - September 20

I know its been like 5 years but im in the same boat u were in and i wanted to know if u ever got pregnant and if so how long did it take you...please and thank you



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