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dondons - January 21

Hey, I have been on metformin for 4 years aswell as other meds for LOCAH (similar to PCOS). I went off the pill two months ago and got pregnant before my first period!! unfortunately I had a miscarriage so I am now waiting for my period to come so we can start TTC. When I was pregnant I also got a stomache bug and didn take metformin for four days. i had my miscarriage during this time. Anyone had anything similar?


nadiva24 - January 22

i just started metformin this month because my insulin levels were to makes me sooo tired. and i can't drink... which i don't understand why? after reading this forum i will continue to take met. i hope it work. good luck to everyone


tonyaandjoe3 - January 22

dondons, did u take metformin for 4 years and nothing and when you went off of it u got pregnant is that what u said? i am just curious cause i was on it for 3 months and nothing. so i went off of it 1 day to see if i get pregnant.


VickyWantababy - January 22

I think what she meant is that when she stoped taking birth control pill she got pregnant not the metformin at least thats what I think..I also got pregnant once after stoping bcp but at that time I wasn't on metformin yet and I had a miscarriage also,but my 2nd pregnancy went perfect and I took the metformin all the way and I am a firm believer that metformin reduces the risk of miscarriage....


laroy106 - January 23

We took metformin along with the "trigger shot" on cycle day 12 and conceived on the second cycle. We were blessed to have a baby boy pn 1/30/07. Good luck!


amanda717 - February 5

I have been on metformin for one year now. I got preg the first month i took it. But in my sixth week i lost the baby. I kept taking it and got preg again in 7mothes but i lost that baby during my 9th week. It really works so dont give up. I have not given up. I hope i get preg soon.


nadiva24 - February 5

I've been on metformin for over a month now and nothing yet. I have dreams that im pregnant. I really hope it works for me. I can't wait anymore. I stess it sooo much. thats my main problem.


momtwinny - February 7

Hello everyone I just have a question I take about 4 stick of cigarette a day and i am on metformin for pcos. will it have any effect on this medication?


amh - February 8

Has anyone been having extreme nausea from the metformin? Or does it make you not want to eat?


EricaLayne - February 12

Hi. I've been on metformin for a month now. Currently taking 1700mg a day. Lately my stomach has been gurgling(sorry, best way i can put it) I have been nauseated a few times. Its usually when I wake up. Dont really know if its the metformin or the possibilty that i could be pregnant. Im due to take a hpt in a few days so we'll see. I also have diarreha a lot. Hoping that will go away soon.


LN030905 - February 12

I have been on met for about a month..only 1000mg. I am not insulin resistant however I have PCOS and my cycles are very irregular. I am combining that with a B vit complex and fertile aid. I got my af on Friday after only a 53 day cycle..for me that is a complete walk in the park as my last cycle was 6 months long! It did make me sick for about a week and a half of first taking it. If I ate anything it was VERY low in carbs and I found that protein did WONDERS as far as helping me with the sickness! I have also been taking my dosage at night and that seems to help me lots!


Monika91282 - April 30

HI everyone,I have been diagnose with a PCSO,and sice that time I been always send from one place to another test and test and test never been on any medication to help me to get pregnant.I like to now if I can buy metformin in odnary chemist here in london and if so how much os gone cross on british pound?


Codysmama2609 - February 24

I was on this med for just about 4 months when i became pregnant. was on it for pcos. but i miscarried at 17.5 wks. not sure if i will go on met again. we will see. if i cant get pregnant or my periods dont come then i prob will.


ebruiz - February 26

I am 26 years old. Diagnosed with PCOS a couple years back. In the beginning I had always thought that it was my husbands problem. However, after several testings, it turned out to be me. Did a few cycles of chlomid and metformin (failed), 1 IUI (failed + hospitalization for OHSS), 1st IVF cycle (failed + hospitalization for OHSS), FET (failed)... Knowing that treatment doesn't get any cheaper. My husband and I have been continuing to stay positive. And believe that with the help of METFORMIN and weightloss, someday we will also get the chance to carry out a few pregnancies to term. I have just restarted myself on metformin starting on the first day of my period. Hopefully things will work out. I am praying for you all and much blessings to you! Faith and Hope is all you need. Don't give up!


Erica09 - March 2

I started Metformin about a month ago for PCOS along with 100mg Clomid. I have heard a lot of success stories with just metformin, but my dr. said both combined will increase my chances since I've been trying 5 yrs.


fungirl - March 7

Hi everyone, me and my hubby are trying to conceive from 1 year. i have diagnosed with PCOS and my doc first prescribed me Clomid 50 mg . i took it for 4 months but it didnt work for me then my doc put me on Metformin 500mg 3 times a day.. i am taking metformin from last 3 months but stil no sign of pregnancy and my periods r still irregular.. my doc asked me to continue taking metformin ...... can anyone help me and telme how many months do it takes to get pregnant if u r taking metformin ??



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