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lia - October 6

Does anyone ( or has anyone ) have a metallic taste in their mouth? Im trying to concieve ( i have no metal fllings nor have i ever had surgery ) and ive been reading online this is a syptom of pregnancy?? has anyone heard of this, experienced or know someone who has experienced this? and if so how early do you think it would come after implantation??


CC - October 6

Lia...I thought I was pregnant last month because of that taste. A lot of my girlfriends said that was a sure sign they had experienced. Stupid me, it was from a multi vitamin I had been taking!! It is a sign though-so hopefully for this is it!! Keep us posted and good luck!


CC - October 6

oops..I meant to say "Hopefully fo YOU this is it" !


Lia - October 6

well i was thinking about that but ive been taking them for so long now. not sure why it would just come about. who knows! I hope its a symptom of pregnancy.....


CC - October 6

I hope so too Lia! I think its very promising if you havent changed up anything recently (you are right, I had started taking the vitamins only a few weeks before and of course never noticed the metal mouth as I call it until after I had O'd)!



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