Merlee, I'm CD2 today and IUI bound tomorrow
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D. - August 30

You should be about 3 dpo YES? I'm going to keep my focus on your upcoming BFP so that I don't have to think too much about my having to give myself my injections! YIKES!!


merlee - August 30

Hey D. I'm 2 dpo. I think I O'd on cd 15 this month. Lots of ovary pain (5 days) with black cohosh. Not sure I want to take that again. Lots of BD'ing this weekend. I thought that we would miss it, but we were able to get together after all (God's doing, I'm sure). When do you take the injections? Are you on clomid also? I'm really excited for you. I have a friend at work who should be 15 dp IUI with clomid and injections tomorrow. I am anxious to find out if it took, but I don't want to hound her about it. Last week she was pretty depressed (her parents are spliting up) and almost sure AF would start. Today my lymph nodes are swollen and I really hope that I am not getting that nasty stuff that has been going around. Good luck and sending loads of ~~Baby Dust~~~ your way. My fingers are crossed and I am praying for you tomorrow.


D. - August 30

With my IVF cycles I proved to be resistant, so I'm doing a combo of repronex and gonal F (I did follistim for my IVF cycles but couldn't take the sting). No suppression so we'll see!! I've got you in my prayers , too.


merlee - August 30

Today my temp went down below my coverline. I am worried that I did not actually O this month. Everything indicates that I did on cd 15, except my temps. Up to 98.2, then 98.0 and today 97.7. I don't really know what to make of that. Any suggestions? Good luck with your meds this month.


D. - August 30

Probably a fallback rise. If you look at my charts ------ ------ you will see some that are very much like that. It's no biggie. Let's see what happens over the next day or two.


merlee - August 31

Temp back up to 98.0, but still very erratic. FertilityFriend says that I have not O'd yet. I had P4 done yesterday cd 18 and possibly 3 dpo when temp was 97.7; it was 4.41. I know it was a little early for P4, but I had blood drawn for other tests, so I had P4 added. Maybe it will go up. I tried to send you my chart but b/c it is not finished it won't let me. Thanks for sharing your chart.


merlee - August 31

How are your meds going? Hope it is not too much of a pain.


D. - August 31

SubQ shots aren't so bad. Plenty of ice and I'm good to go. It's the IM shots that scare me. LOL. They tested your P4 at 3DPO??? Are they crazy? Of course it's going to be low! They should have tested mid-LP. Docs aggravate me!! Adding P4 won't hurt, and might help!


merlee - September 1

Doc didn't order the test. I had a wellness check done at work, where they draw blood and do a bunch of chemistries (cholesteral, calcium, tryglicerides, liver functions, an so on). Since I work in the lab where the tests are done, I asked to add a P4 just to see. I knew it was early, but I was trying to avoid being stuck again. I am hoping that since my temp went up again today, so did my progesterone and that mid-luteal p4 would be normal.


D. - September 1

My apologies to all the docs I cussed out then! LOL.


merlee - September 1

Temp up by .3 today - I am taking that as a great sign. When my cycle is over I will try to send you my chart, again. Are your meds making you "crazy", yet?


D. - September 2

WOOHOO!! Great spike!! My meds haven't made me psycho just yet. On IVF the Lupron is what drove me nuts but so far so good with the repronex and gonal F.


merlee - September 2

Good to here. Up again today .1. I looked at some charts in the chart gallery today and it is very reassuring. There just is no way of knowing.


merlee - September 6

D. what day are you on and where are you in your injections/drugs? I am 10dpo and eating a lot of pineapple. LOL!



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