Merlee, how're those temps doing?
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D. - August 4

Just thought I'd check in and see how that chart looks.



merlee - August 4

D. Hi! Tues (cd19) temp rose to 98.3, then 98.2, today (cd 21) 98.4. So, FF calculated that O was on Monday (cd18). BBs are pretty sore, so I started progesterone cream Tues (after O). Now it is just the 2WW for me. I guess I am waiting for Aug 14 for AF to show. DH is due home tonite for the next 3 days, so I am really happy (a little BDing just for the fun of it this time). Not that we will get to spend much time together, I work overtime Sun, and he has Drill Sat and Sun. So, D where are you in this crazy game of "egg meets sperm" roulette? I know you have been ttc for a few years, but I can't remember the rest of your story. Acupunture, right?


D. - August 5

Good Luck!! I shoud O on the 13th or 14th so we're about two weeks apart. And I hear ya on getting dh in the right place at the right time (mine is in Maryland M-F, while I'm in NC. Sigh). Luckily, I O on weekends. My acupuncturist had moved my O to mid week once and I was so upset. So, I took Clomid and it moved it back to the weekend. Whew! I started with a new RE (I don't know if you caught my other post on firing all my other REs) and am very excited about how he listens and works with me. I just finished a miscarriage workup and GTT and Insulin screen. Everything came out clean. So, now it's to decide whether to do IUI, IVF or continue the natural route. See! That's what you get for asking!


merlee - August 6

I did read your post about the new RE. It can be really frustrating when doctors won't listen. I just went to a new gyno 2 wks ago and he does listen. I think I will keep him. It is hard being away from DH, I miss him so much and am never really sure when I will see him again. How do you like the acupunture? I am trying acupressure but I don't know if it is doing anything, yet. Are you taking any herbs? I'm sorry to hear about the m/c. Have you done any IUI's or IVF's yet, or just naturally hoping for a miracle like me?


D. - August 6

I love my acupuncture. It's my mid week break from stress on the job. It's also a great nap time! LOL. After I leave my appt I feel like I'm on some sort of drug. Yum! I did two IVF attempts. I did one in Nov 2003 which had to be cancelled due to oversuppression. I tried again in March 2004. They transferred 4 embryoes but it didn't take. That's when I turned to acupuncture, meditation and herbs. We are llooking at IUI soon simply because of my age (I'm 39). So, we want to kind of be a little more aggressive just in case.


merlee - August 6

D. Good luck with the IUI. That is what my doc's what me to do, but I am not ready. Just hoping the herbs work for me (age 37).


D. - August 7

Thank you!! I'll keep you posted. You do it when you're ready. Your obviously well informed. If you need any more info or simply need someone to walk with you for a little bit let me know: [email protected]. I spend a lot of my time over at the other forum so I'm not here all that often. But always available if you need me! I spend a lot of time with "after 35" ladies trying to conceive. It's nice to have the numbers.


merlee - August 9

thanks, I may take you up on that.


D. - August 9

Any signs yet? Yes I am impatient! I'm also a habitual POAS-aholic. I start testing around 6DPO because I just can't help myself. Sigh. I still have it all crossed for you!


merlee - August 9

Hello D. I refuse to test til I am late at least one day, b/c I will go crazy (and broke) if I start testing before then, which means I almost never test b/c I am pretty regular 12-13 day LP. Today is 8 dpo and temp went up .2. It usually jumps around but doesn't go up any more after 4-5 dpo. I don't know what to make of that. I have always been watching for it, the second rise, but I just can't get my hopes up yet. It is probably just all of the herbs I am taking. I have been really, really bad with my diet this month. I made a cake for DH over the wkend and have had several Krispy Kreams at work. I guess I was thinking that it would not be this month, since my BBT has been so weird. I'm thinking that I should fill up the room designated as the baby's room with my stuff (sewing and hobby stuff), you know - reverse psychology, or Murphy's law whatever you want to call it. Nothing else seems to work.


D. - August 9

Had a friend do that! LOL. She made her nursery into a bar and it actually worked! Sounds very promising! Ok, I'll be patient. Well, not too patient! I'll be bumping this up in 6 days, word of warning.



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