Merlee, here's my outcome
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D. - September 15

So, I had two follies. One 18 and the other 22. On Friday we did the trigger (1CC). On Sunday we went in for the IUI. I was not given an u/s which surprised me, but since it was my first IUI, I didn't push. Well, I did mention that I hadn't felt any twinges but the doc said "Oh, many women don't feel anything" so again, since it was my first IUI, I let it go. I kept temping and taking FM sticks. I noticed that my temp did not go up normally, and that bothered me. And my FM sticks were showing no estrogen increase and little LH activity. Also concerned me. Yesterday, I start getting very crampy with sharp aches around the ovaries. I know that feeling!! I run to the re's office and tell them that I am ovulating and that I needed an u/s to confirm. Can you believe they refused? She kept insisting that it would tell us nothing . I got edgy and told her that it would tell us for sure that the trigger didn't work and that we needed to try something different the next cycle. So, she tells me "Oh, the trigger worked. It would have been almost impossible for it not to". WHAT??? What a stupid cow!! Instead she offers me a P4 test. She said that would make me feel better since it would show I O'd. I had to explain to her that yes, it would show I O'd but not WHEN I O'd. What we wanted to ensure was the efficacy of the trigger to do its job so that we could avoid depending on it next cycle if it failed. She wouldn't budge. So, I told her FINE! We'll do the P4 tomorrow. It's going to show low levels since I'm going to ovulate today (the pains were yesterday but I know it hasn't happened just yet). I did tell her that if I was right, next cycle things would be done MY way. And I've already scheduled a consult with my main RE for the 30th (I'll be in Dallas from the 24th thru the 29th so no chance at earlier). What a waste of a cycle!!! I hope your cycle is going tons better!


merlee - September 16

Wow! I hate it when people think they know more than you do about your own body and the signs it is giving you. Some people think that they know it all. Was the trigger hcg? So you just o'd later than expected - is that so unusual? They have to see that every week in this business! I'm sorry you didn't have a good first experience. But at least you are smart enough to understand and not let it happen again. Sometimes we "customers" have to make our voices heard, even to those who think they know better. I hope things work out for you anyway. I am on cd 8 and I have no idea what is going on other than that. I was on vacation this week and didn't take my temp most days, or check cp. I will start tomorrow again with all the temps and checks. DH is gone again til about cd 13 for only 1 day (so only 1 shot) and I should O cd 15, I think. I am not taking black cohosh this month - I didn't like the ovary pain (7 days) and upset stomach so I am laying off for a month. And I am going on Weight Watchers to lose about 30 lbs. Maybe that will help some with the TTC. I know it will help with BD! LOL!



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