MEGA please help me
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aish - June 9

Hi mega, i have read ur messages & i know u r the one who answers....everyone ...u r so kind ....
Please help me i found out that u also had ur lap done.
Actually i had all my tests,and have unexplained infertility but i didnt have my LAP done as i even told my doctor that i get cramps week before my periods r due & also big clots ...she said it is ok...what shud i do ?
why they r not doing my lap to rule out any problem like endometriosis or any fibriod which makes me infertile.....
PLease help me , i am crying since morning as i dont know what to do????
Please help me frnd..


patrizia - June 9

hi aish. i had my lap done on march 30. it s no big deal and i am glad i had it done. they took out ALL my cysts. checked my tubes , did a hysteroscopy and i had ALOT of adhesions , which they cleaned all out. AND i had ENDO but they got it out 1000000 percent !!!!!!! now my next phase is to go for follicule monitorng with injections because after all of this my problem is that i do not ovulate. for me, LAP was not bad at all. if i am able to get pregnant and remain pregnant soon i will realize that it was all worth it ! good luck !


aish - June 10

thanx PAtrizia, why dr. did ur lap ...when will dr. say that u have to go for lap to rule out any endo? AS my dr. never said to me


Jaqi - June 10

Aish - Hey girl, I too get clots at times. That can be a sign of endo. I had a dye test done (HSG) and it showed a blocked tube. My dr did a lap and found I have endo pretty bad in both tubes, and found a fibroid. I also had docs that told me everything was fine when in reality it wasn't. People with endo have kids all the time, but some of us have it worse and need more help. Some people don't have signs of endo. I was told, if when you have cramps and you take over-the-counter meds they go away, you don't have endo....WRONG! My knees sometimes hurt and my back. That is a sign of endo. Make sure your ovulating, if not, look into that (PCOS, etc...) If your doc is not making you happy, get a second opinion. Ask about the HSG, if you haven't already. Then talk to another dr about your problems and see if they will recommend a lap for you. I wouldn't ask for it right away...let them decide first before you tell them you want it. Ask your doc why she does not recommend it. Go to an RE (Reproductive Endocronoligist) who can help you better than a regular ob-gyn. They specialize in infertility. Don't stress out!!!! That is the worst thing you can do. Just relax and everything will be ok. All of us on here are here for you :o)


aish - June 10

thanx jaqi,
i had my hsg and also did 1iui & now 2ww...and getting cramps...
i am going to RE and even told her about my cramps& clots ,she didnt say anything ..but this time if i get my Af then before going for IUi iwill tellmy doctor to have my lap done...


Jaqi - June 10

Glad your getting to do IUI. See if you can talk to her about the lap. Agian, if you don't feel good about her decisions, maybe you should get a second opinion. Good Luck!



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