mega and genj!! are u there???
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Mega - July 10

JenG--Welcome to the 2 WW! Glad it's going well for you. The HCG shot can cause some funky symptoms but so can pg so it's tricky to know what is from what. The shot usually causes tender bbs for me, but hopefully the cramping is a good sign. Good luck, just one more week of the 2 WW for you. Keep me posted! Glad your 4th was fun! I'm still in a holding pattern. I think AF might come this weekend, hopefully I O'ed on my own this cycle but I didn't bother trying to use OPKs or charting BBT. I should hear back from my RE's office this week re: the Shared Risk application verdict. So finger's crossed that we get accepted into that. I'm hoping to schedule my IVF consultation this Friday so when AF comes I'll know what to do to begin the IVF cycle prep work. But that's all that's happening on my end!



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