mega and genj!! are u there???
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kotkot005 - May 17

well girls hiii!
how are you doing up there ? for me AF signs start a week before iam due. till now nothing shows up .. propably i ovulated late this cycle but i am quite sure that this happens CD14 i did the ovulation test and it came positive .. stronggly positive believe it or not i was proud of the positive ovulation test ( a positive is good even with ovulation) ... and the signs were pretty strong .. as i told you i am due on the 22th of may so 5 days to go ... i have to tell you that i have a bad bad cramps ... i am not sure of the source it may be a regular staomach infection..
well mega .. i think that getting an off cycle is quite healthy ... sometimes i think that iam over imposing my body ...we are on the same age na25.. where are you from? so you got married so young .. how long it takes you to have your sweet boy ? have you been diagnosed with PCOS?


na25 - May 17

Hi, girls:) Today I am at cd19, so looks like 2dpo:) kotkot005 fingers crossed for you! I hope your AF doesn’t show up :) same for MEGA! I wish all of get BFP this month :) Would be awesome. Kotkot005 I am living in USA how about you? Mega where are you :)? I took me about 6 months to conceive my 5yr one...Now it is taking longer for some reason and I thought it will be so easy lol....No, I have never been diagnosed with PCOS. If I don't end up preggy in 6 months, my honey and I will go see Dr. and check us out:) Are you ttc#1 or????I So long for to you soon. HUGS


Mega - May 17

Hey ladies. So, Kotkot, cramping is unusual for you? Hmmm. I've got my fingers' & toes' crossed for you too that AF stays away. So far sounds promising, but I find personally it's usually better to only be cautiously optimistic. But I think you have a good chance. :) Na25, it's been a year for you right, since you started TTC #2? Do you have a yearly check up coming up with your OB? Maybe you could get help sooner, Clomid or something like that. I have PCOS, wasn't Oing on my own & I feel like I wasted 9 mos. of my precious TTC time before I got help. I hate to see that happen to anyone else. But then also, with #1 taking just 6 mos., you do have proven fertility on your side, that's a good thing!!! And of course hopefully you'll be PG this cycle & make all that moot. Here's hoping! I'm from Cincinnati, OH. Where are you from, na25? Thanks. I wish BFPs for all of us too. I'm on a supression cycle now though, so I do want AF to show up next week so I can start the injectibles again, but after that AF is no longer welcome in my life. She needs to take a 9 + month sabbatical, I think.


kotkot005 - May 18

Hey girls
I wanted to post yesterday but it seems that there was something wrong .. I couldn’t log in. well…. I am cd24 .. still nothing . I am witting impatiently .. I hope this is gonna happen through the coming three months .by that time I switch for another plan .. as the doctor’s strategy ..clomid for 6months .. and then we will discuss the alternatives propably we will start with the IVI. I hope that I wont be imposed to use the backup plan.. you know that fertility medications and procedures and not covered by my insurance ? I pay 100% of every thing visits .. medications and anyother the way na25..something you do not know .. I am from jordan , I am 25 and I work as a civil engineer ..
Well girls .. I do not know how long this will take but I start giving up and loosing faith, my dh breaks my heart .. I think that deep inside himself he wishes if that comes true .. but he never shows .. to take care of my feelings I think.
Everything that surrounds me seems to be fertility related even the commercials on the t.v .. I never pay attention for all the commercials that gather a mother with one of her sons and daughters .. but now that makes a huge difference.
Anyways .. wish you all luck ladies. You are the best pals.


Mega - May 18

I know. It seems like pg women & babies are everywhere. I went out to dinner Sunday with my mom & counted like 10 couples with babies. My mom says I'm obsessed. Who me?! Probably! I hope the Clomid does the trick for you. Not having ins. coverage makes this TTC stuff even harder. I don't have a lot of coverage myself. No drug help, no treatment coverage. But my ins does cover office visits (save for a low copay) & u/s's which help a lot actually. But it's still very expensive. I'm saving $$ right now for IVF, I'm about to open a savings account just for that possibility. And if it never comes to that (hopefully!) well I'll find other uses for that money. Baby furniture! College Fund! So hang in there KotKot, I firmly believe it'll work out happily for all 3 of us on this thread. And I've got my fingers' & toes' crossed that AF stays away for you this cycle. Later ladies!


na25 - May 18

HI, :)…Yesterday I was busy, busy. Shoping, playing with my 5 yr old son…teaching him how to write…gardening, etc…Last night I talked to my hubby, and guess what (he is right), this is actually our 8th month trying to conceive…I don’t know why but I was sure it was over year…it seems that long for me,,,,Well here I am cd20, 4dpo (due to fertility friend chart) and there is one good thing, we had intercourse at right time! 3 day before O, day before O, day on O and day after O WOW :) My intercourse timing is high score this time :) Hope it will work! This fertility friend site is very nice and useful….it is and one more is great ( Kokto pls don’t give up!!!Please, soon you will have that BFP!!!! Wow, your are from Jordan:), so nice! I saw it on tv one day and it was so beautiful! Mega, I am the same,,,everywhere I go I see only babies and pregnant women. So many~!(serious) And I am always pointing to my hubby: Look at that cute baby, ooh! LOL But they seem every where,,,cute little babies..and preggy women…Maybe we see it more now since we are always thinking about it and we are paying more attention to see them then before,,,when we didn’t thin about it…Oh forgto to say, I am in Sioux Falls, SD….Good luck to both of you! I pray to God for that BFP!!!!


Mega - May 18

Hey Na25, your BD timing sounds excellent! You're definitely covered. Sioux Falls, SD, you get some serious winters up there. I lived for a couple years in St. Paul, MN. The upper midwest/west sure is beautiful. I haven't been to the Dakotas yet, but one day I'd love to see the badlands. I'd love to do a family trip when I have kids (maybe when they're around 8 or 9) where we drive out west, stopping at all the cheesy road side attractions where the vacation is the journey not the destination. I'll make the badlands part of that trip maybe. I hear ya, I have baby radar, I can spot a baby a mile away. Okay not quite, but I'm always pointing out cute babies to my DH or whomever I'm with. Not too terribly long ago it was cute guys I was checking out, now it's cute babies. How our perspectives change in a few short years, no?!


na25 - May 19

Hi kotkot005 and Mega:) How are you???:) cd21, 5 dpo:) on ovulation day and 2 days after that i had those af cramps, then day after i had diarrhea sorry (tmi), yesterday I had terrible headache and today so far i am fine :) Nothing to complain about-so far!:) This 2ww is very hard and long...If I get - again I will set an appt. to see Dr. (hubby and I both)...Can't wait anymore...I want that BFP so bad...Oh yeah there is a nice thread "Anyone TTC in May? looking for cycle buddies..Part II " I am in there for long time...lot of nice supporting girls,,,and almost everyone is trying ttc..just like us:) Please join us there!:) You will find lots of support FOR SURE!,,,HUGS


Mega - May 22

Hi ladies! Na25, we'll by now you're at the 1/2 way point of this long, draggy 2 ww, so that's good at least. I'll keep my fingers' crossed that you won't need to see that specialist after all. Hey Kotkot, what's new with you? I should get AF some time this week (around Wed.) & then I'll start round 2 of injectibles. So that'll be nice, to get back to trying.


na25 - May 24

Hi:) Nothing new to report here. Cd 25 8dpo or 6dpo not really sure, but I think it is 8dpo...No signs or any symptoms...Hope everyone is doing well! We are having Torando warning today so I am a little bit scared...When i didn't have my son i wasn't scared of anything, i was fearless but now when i am a mom oh i get scared so bbt chart look much different than last months somehow wierd,,,what do you think, take a look ( remeber to delete any - if it shows up


Mega - May 24

Na25--Tornado warnings are scary. I hope it bypassed your neighborhood & you and your son + DH & house are all okay. Every mom I know says it's amazing how much more vulnerable you feel once you have a child. I took a look at your chart. You're still sticking above the coverline so that's good, but there is a lot of up & down trending PO. But like FF said, & my dr said too, don't worry about a single reading or 2, it's more about the general pattern. Is there anyway I can see your chart from last month? It's a little early for symptoms right now anyway, and sometime the best symptom can be no symptoms. Kotkot--how are you doing? You're nearing the end of the 2WW, right? I hope AF stays away. Update us when you get the chance. AF should come for me today. Yay! Then I can start the meds part of my cycle & get the show on the road.


na25 - May 24

Hi Mega and kotkot, how is everybody today? Tornado skipped us yesterday thanks God. There is nothing new here with me. Cd26 9dpo or 7dpo. No symptoms, no weird feelings :) My af due in 5-6 days…Little more to go...Good luck to both of you! Stay in touch!


Mega - May 24

That's good news, I'm so glad the Tornado didn't pay you a visit. Well, you're past the hump on the 2 WW so that's good at least. Sending lots of dust your way for a big old BFP in 5 or 6 days. :) Do you have any big Memorial Day plans?


na25 - May 24

Hey :) Not sure...didn't plan anything yet...How about you? Oh, i really hope your af doens't show up and you end up preggy :) Good Luck!


Mega - May 24

I'm going to St. Louis this weekend. Meeting a friend there, a girl's weekend. She invited my mom along too, which mom is so excited about, being included in the plans. So it'll be fun. Tracy & I've been friends since HS, she lives in Kansas City so I don't see her much. I wish I could be pg now, but it's very doubtful. Thanks for your optimism though. I've been on birth control the past couple weeks, a supression cycle so AF really should come tonite, probably around 8:30, it's nice to know approx. when to expect her though. I'm excited about this next round of Repronex though, I think I might produce more eggs this time. Hey, I just thought of something, maybe I'll come back on Mon. from St. Louis & find out you got a BFP this weekend. Yay! Fingers' crossed!


na25 - May 24

have a nice trip Mega!!!Well, it is funny, i am going to St. Louis too but in July hubby has some family there:)...I have been once there before...Anyhoo, yeah from your mouth to God's ears! I wish for that BFP so bad:) I am feeling very tired today, could sleep all the long...but that happens sometimes too me, not unusual no sign and symptoms yet :) and last month i had bunch of them but not pregnancy LOL.......have fun!



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