mega and genj!! are u there???
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kotkot005 - April 30

well girls ... i hope you are still hanging on here. i miss you whole alot ..i have reviewd our forum and i can see that we are all still waitting. except for lisa.. good for her , hope that she is enjoying her pregnancy ! about me.. i really have to apologize for my absence . i have been busy with my thesis and i barely have enough time for the doctor's appointments.away from that .. the doctor finally decides that i truely have aPCOS and decided to put me back on clomid.. iam on my third cycle and nothing's yet!!!! to tell you the truth ladies i am totally frustrated disappointed and feel like am broken into parts.
anyways.. i really hope to get a response from you .
love ya


kotkot005 - May 1

hey i still have faith you are somewhere here or there


Mega - May 1

Hi Kotkot. Welcome back! I'm glad you're still hanging around. I missed you. Where are you on your 3rd Clomid cycle? What CD are you on? I finally went off of Clomid & had my first cycle of Repronex, but didn't get PG on that either. I'm off this month b/c of vacation but will be picking up with Repro again. This TTC is very frustrating, that's why this forum is so valuable. How's your thesis coming along? I'm so glad you're back on. I'm about to head home. I'll be on this forum more tomorrow.


kotkot005 - May 2

hey dear .. thanks god you are still here ! well i miss you all too.. sorry for the interruption but it was really a busy period of my lif e(that wasnt sucessful of turning my thinking away from fertility matters)... well the thesis is going good i will be finished by the end of the coming fall so we are still on the earlly begginings.
back to the clomid ... as i told you after the two cycles at which i was ovulating normally .. the doctor discovers right away on the third following cycle that my ovaries do appear polysistic on the ultrasound and that month he didnt find any signs of mature follicles .. so back again we started with the clomid thing but this time as a cmbination with glucophage (metformin) and two months passed with an absolute failure .. this is my round three i am on CD8 and it is the last clomid day.. i started late this cycle at CD4 . i have an appointment this thursday cd10 which i believe that is too earlly to detect ovulation.
well i have read on different forums that you started repronex.... i wish you all the luck on your following cycle and it may happen this cycle .. no body knows.
what about geng?
wish you all the best and i will keep you on touch


Mega - May 2

Hi. Thanks. Even if I didn't get pg this time, I'm still happy with how I respond to the Repronex. Well, hopefully this cycle of Clomid will be your successful cycle. Lucky #3 as they say. I'll keep my fingers' crossed for you. Wow, the drs really are going back & forth with you aren't they about the whole PCOS thing. Maybe the Metformin in conjunction with the Clomid will be the answer for you. I've been on Met myself since last July. Good luck on your appt. Thursday. I haven't posted with JenG for a while, but she's checking in from time to time, doing okay I believe. Lisa who started that thread we'd all posted on is now in her 2nd trimester I believe, so that's great news. I'm glad your thesis is off to a good start. I'm not sure there's really any good way to totally keep our minds of this whole TTC craziness though. But I'll bet that helps though.


Mega - May 4

Hi Kotkot. Just wanted to bump this up. You had an appt. today, I believe. How'd it go? Any significant egg growth yet? Keep me posted! I'll be on vacation next week, going to the beach. Yay. So I won't be around much the next several days. Talk to you soon. Take care!


kotkot005 - May 12

hey mega .. hope u are back now and u have enjoyed ur beach vacation.for me .. i am survyving .. cd 18 i believe .. u know i lost the anxiousity of counting days .. this month on the appontement .. as usuall i had a very good size follicle .. the doctor said that ovulation will ocuure within the coming 48 hours .. i bought an ovulation kit for the first time .. it showed clearly that i had ovulation on cd14 .. we bd of course and we are waitting to see what is happening .. i hope the metformin will help although i do not have any high hopes .. at all!
remember my uncles wife??? well ... she miscarried after a six month pregnancy .. we all feel sorry i spent a whole day crying .. she was supposed to have a baby girl .. but the girl that went to this world dead and fully shaped didnt survive.. isnt that just unfair?
i am really frustrated.. keep on touch!


kotkot005 - May 15

hey mega... still hanging on there? hope you are just fine


Mega - May 15

Hi! I'm back. Today is the first chance I got to post online though. At least at work I don't have to fight my DH for the computer. I'm so sorry about your uncle's wife's miscarriage. At 6 mos., what a tradgedy. Well, you're in the middle of the 2 WW now. Good luck, I hope the Metformin helps quite a bit. Hang in there! Talk to you later.


na25 - May 15

Hi, everyone! I hope you don't mind me joining you....mostly came in to say HI TO MEGA:) How are you? Are you stil ttc...Last month I got my af on April 29th:)Today I am cd17 and having some period like cramps all day even headache started...Had an opk+ 2 days ago...Yesterdays temp was 97.0 and today is 97.6 (if I can count it, since as soon as I woke up, I sat for a minute on a bed and then remebered temps lol and meassured was 97.6...)So not sure if I O'ed yet or not...Even 8 days ago I had light opk +Lol...Last month I O'ed on cd18...Not sure what is happening today with these cramps and headache...


na25 - May 15

Forgot to say my hubby and i have been active a lots these days...Good Luck kotkot005 and you to Mega!


kotkot005 - May 16

heyna25 .. how are u .. welcome to this forum. well to get to know you better .. how long have you been trying? i have been trying for 21 months now with one earlly miscarriage. i am on clomid and metformin.. clomid is successful in inducing ovulation but it seems that doctors prescribed metformin to enhance the work of my ovaries.... waitting impatentlly.
are you on any kind of medications???
for you mega.. wellcome back .. yeah iam on cd 22 iam due 22th may ..6 days to go and no symptoms of the period.. no sore breasts and my belly is not even enlarged. hope that this month will be the one .. but let me tell you i got used to the fact that i am irregular.
keep on touch and baby dust


Mega - May 16

Hi na25! I'm glad you're joining us on this thread. Yes, I'm still trying. I'm kind of on pause now though, doing some BCP as kind of a suppression cycle before doing my 2nd round of injectibles. I'm only supressing b/c of vacation but I'm hoping that maybe this time my ovaries will produce more than 1 follie, they tend to be pretty stingy with the eggies. Lazy PCOS ovaries! Are you doing OPKs as well as temping? I would recommend doing that this PM at least, b/c it sounds like you may have O'ed today, but since you sat up first that too could've caused the spike. But CD 17 is certainly a good O day. Kotkot--When does typical pre-AF signs start for you? I'd say it sounds positive that you're on the downside of the 2 WW & still no signs of AF. Fingers' crossed! You certainly has cause for renewed optimism, Metformin really works for a lot of women. Here's hoping you're one of them! :) Keep us posted!


na25 - May 16

HI GIRLS:) is everybody today? Here is a little background about me, I am 25 yr old and hubby is 27, we are trying to conceive for a little over a year...I am on Ovulex 2nd cycle now...Taking prenatal as well...Today I am cycle day 18...I believe too it was O' cramps for me yesterday...I have them on and off today too but very mild not like yesterday...We bd'ed these days so we will see:) I hope all of us will get that BFP SOON. God please bless us with BFPs :)ps: forgot to mention that I already have beautiful 5yr son :) and all of us (ds,dh and me can't wait for that little baby to join us :)Stay in touch:) HUGS FOR both of ya!


na25 - May 16

oh one more thing my temp this morning is 97.7 so it is getting higher, 3 days ago was as low as 96.8 then day after 97.0, then 97.5 and today 97.7 :)


Mega - May 16

Definitely sounds like you've O'ed, Na25! Keep on keeping on with the BD, another time or so at least just in case. Otherwise, I'd say "welcome to the 2 WW," esp. since you're getting O cramps & your temp keeps rising. Sounds good. Good luck! Awww, a 5 YO son, what a cute age! Bet he's so much fun. I love that age.


kotkot005 - May 17

well girls hiii!
how are you doing up there ? for me AF signs start a week before iam due. till now nothing shows up .. propably i ovulated late this cycle but i am quite sure that this happens CD14 i did the ovulation test and it came positive .. stronggly positive believe it or not i was proud of the positive ovulation test ( a positive is good even with ovulation) ... and the signs were pretty strong .. as i told you i am due on the 22th of may so 5 days to go ... i have to tell you that i have a bad bad cramps ... i am not sure of the source it may be a regular staomach infection..
well mega .. i think that getting an off cycle is quite healthy ... sometimes i think that iam over imposing my body ...we are on the same age na25.. where are you from? so you got married so young .. how long it takes you to have your sweet boy ? have you been diagnosed with PCOS?



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