Mcdadebaby - Re : After D&C help get pregnant
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Sann - July 6

Hi Mcdadebaby : ) Sorry .. I am unable to respond on your thread, I got a login in problem. I had a D&C last Aug05 and my doctor said to ttc again after 2 cycles at least. I had been trying since and no luck yet. It really depends on how far along you were with your last pg, how much scrapings your doctor has done and depending on individual how fast you heal. Haivng a D&C also cleans up you uterus lining in aid of implantation. In Feb/March this year, my doctor suspect that I did get a fertilisation but baby did not implant onto the uterus lining and it ended up as a very early miscarriage which I thought was af showing up cos hpt tested negative. Unfortunately my doctor also said, there wasn't enough proof just basing on my bbt chart. So after D&C help get pregnant ... true and not so true for me. On the brighter side, I have heard of more women gettting pg after a D&C than not : ) It's just a matter of time, we have to be reallyyyy patient, you are not alone many of us are trying too. Best wishes and Good luck on your journey : )



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