Maybe the stupidest question ever asked. Lack Of Orgasm &...
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Jill - January 5

conception. i never have an orgasm when my fiance and i make love, and i hear it's best to have an orgasm to help aid in conception, does that cut our chances alot? now, a stupid part of the question. obviously after we make love i couldn't do this, but say we had sex the night before, and i had my own orgasm, in the morning (would have to wait for him to go to work, so he doesn't feel bad). would that at that point, aid in the helping of the sperm into the uterus, or it's too late then, and makes no difference. sorry if it's a gross or stupid question, it just popped into my head


Mega - January 5

By morning it would be too late, the sperm would have plenty of time overnight to make their journey through towards the tubes. A lot of women don't orgasm & still end up conceiving. Yes, it's definitately a big help to Orgasm b/c it acts like a vacumn or something sucking in the sperm, but it's not a "requirement" to Orgasm to conceive. Nah, don't worry about it, that's not a stupid question! HTH! Good luck, baby dust...


me - January 6

Orgasms supposedly help, but it is definietly not a requirement to conceive. I found that when I orgasmed, most of the sperm actually came out, so I am not a huge advocate of it. Maybe my body is different who knows? All you need to coneive is a good bunch of sperm and an egg that is ready to roll, assuming everything is normal. It only takes about 15 mintues for the sperm to reach their destination. They know where they ned to go :) There are no stupid questions here, so ask away!


angel_azn - January 6

you don't need to have an orgasm...sometimes it falls back out like what me said....i do that sometimes i'll just have him cum and thats all if i want to go to sleep or he doesn't want to have hubby not a big fan of sex....hates it...<its evil> but he wants a kid....just have great sex and always have him cum on top it helps the sperm reach your cerviz easier and after sex then just lay on your back with a pillow under your helps....or you can just go straight to sleep...good luck...pregnant let us know on the details....


Hope - January 6

Jill - Just to let you know, I am lucky I normally do orgasm with hubby, but the month we got pg last year I didn't, in fact I just went straight to sleep afterwards cos I was tired. Don't worry, just enjoy the bd and you'll be ok in that department.



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