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shanike - January 6

Hi all i'm new to this site and have a question that I hope someone might be able to answer. I have 2 children 8 and 5. I got divorced from their father and in a commited relationship with a wonderful man. The problem is that for the past i'd say 14 months we have been trying to have a baby and uable to concieve. He dosn't feel like he might have a problem because hes healthy, athletic and young, but I don't understand why i'd be the problem when i've had 2 children. I have taken into concideration that i've had some health problems and am a little over weight, but I wouldn't think either one would affect me getting pregnant. Well maybe someone could offer some advice i'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Shanike...


Mega - January 6

Hi Shanike. I'm sorry you've been having problems conceiving. So called secondary infertility isn't all that unusual. Nor unfortunately is it always understood. But then even if your partner is young, healthy & fit that doesn't necessary mean there still might not be a problem with him. I'd definately get him checked out first, a simple SA will tell you a lot. Also, if he's been ill lately that could affect his sperm for up to 3 or 4 mos. later. Also, does he use a hot tub on a regular basis? Wear bikini briefs? Smoke? Any of those could be an issue too. If his SA comes back clear, then I'd suggest mentioning to your OB maybe at your yearly that you've been trying for a baby for over a year. Clomid might be an option for you even if you're ovulating on your own. Also, maybe the weight is related to Thyroid issues which could affect your fertility. I hope this helps. Hang in there. I know it's frustrating, I've
been ttc #1 for 17 mos, & I have PCOS and DH has morphology issues.


canadagirl - January 6

Hi shanike welcome to the board, like Mega said secondary infertility is not uncommon, but yes you should get DP checked out, and also you mention that you are slightly overweigt, some times that could be a factor for us women, like me, being overweight sometimes cause us not to ovulate, I have pcos and I am slightly over weight, but like you I have 2 children, but having the second one was a long road because of my condition, so get DP checked out and get your self check out just to make sure, but don't worry it will happen


Tina - January 7

Hi shanike, welcome to the board,,,I would suggest that you start taking a birth control pill for a month then stop, then try. The pills will regulate your cycle, which will help you monitor your ovulation, which you use the ovulation kits, and also you can also take your temp and record it, when you see a slight difference in temp, that is normally a sign that you will be ovulating soon. I would also start on prenatal vitamins now. As for the male factor, we tried almost everything. My husband and I were smokers, which lower sperm count and interacts w/your ability to get pregnant. We both quit, he limited his weekend entertainment(alcohol), and also switched to boxers. Also, Mega is right, he will want to stay way from hot tubs/excessive heat. They also say the tighter pants/underwear affect the sperm quality as well. I am also a worrysome person, and needed to make my life more simpler...not having holiday dinners, not putting timelines on certain things that might be able to wait...small things like that make the world of difference. Also, try not to 'try' - which is so hard, since this is the main reason why you are at this point,,,but make it fun. Hope this helps and best of luck!! :-)



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