Maybe Mom Ovulation Microscope
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A C - August 31

Has anyone used any ovulation micrscope to track ovulation and if so can you share your story? I am looking into buying the Maybe Mom brand but any experiences with any microscope will do. I have been TTC and bc my cycle is very irregular I don't know when i am ovulating. It is supposed to be 98% accurate.


Any Comments - September 14

I also would like to know about the fern microscopes, do they actually work?


liz e - September 15

I just got one myself. I have used for the last few days. I did some research and if you use them at the right time they are 98% accurate. I am totally frustrated about it however. Because I am supposed to be O'ing today or tommorow and the microscope is showing me to be completely infertile. Which does confirm what my cf's are doing this month, not much.


Maybe Mom User - September 15

Whats weird with me is that I see the ferns one day and the next day I don't. although my cycle is very irregular & I am taking Met. Maybe this all has something to do with it.


bump - September 16



question - September 22

does any one have a problem that they sometimes have to do the saliva test more than once. sometimes I do it and then decide to do it again and the 1st time nothing happens but the second time shows that I am ovulating. How good are these microscopes?



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