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Agapita - June 22

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 5 months now, is it possible that I havent conceived because of my husband or is this a dumb question? Is there men out there who can't get females pregnant? Or is it all on me?? HELP PLEASE


Heather - June 22

Of course it's not all us, it very well could be your husband, you both should get tested to make sure, he will have to give a sperm sample and from there they will test him, you will have to have blood work done, ultrasounds, etc... Hope this helps!


Justine - June 22

About half the time there's a problem with the man so it doesn't have to be you at all. 5 months is not that unusual though so I'd just keep trying. 2 years is normally when they recommend you go for tests in England anyway - unless you're over 35 when its six months. Good luck.



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