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katiebug5n8 - January 21

I really hope that I have finally fond a place where I can get answers to my questions. I am a single straight female that is tired of waiting for Mr. right and have decided to try artificial insemination. I have heard that if you have your timing right, that it isnt that hard. But, I have also heard that some of the supplies that you buy online can have stuff in then that will kill the sperm. Is that true? I was told by my Doc. several years ago that my uterus is tipped and so my last two pregnancies only resulted by my being on top. Is that going to effect how I do the AI? By the way, my kids are 8 and 11.


addie1717 - January 21

I don't think that will affect the AI b/c they place the sperm in the uterus so I wouldnt think it would matter. I would ask your Dr...and would not buy things online, as I have learned that my Dr. knows more than the internet, and thats what we pay them for!


Tracy88 - January 21

Can you explain what type of stuff you would be buying online?and if you intend to have the doctor do IUI or if you are just going to insert sperm into your vagina?


katiebug5n8 - January 22

I was told that I would need a syringe and a catheter to get the sample far renough into the vagina but without actually going into the uterus. This would be a home insemination and done by yours truly. The only Doctor that has been involved in this is my P.C. and only for her to tell me that I was ready to go. My insurance doesnt pay for anything like this, not even a consult.


iampg - January 22

hi katie, i totally understand how you'd want to try self insemination. do you have a donor who can give you a fresh sample? Is so, you can stall on the syringe method and try the instead cups method. have him give you the sample in the cup and then just insert the cup - lie back & raise your hips if you think it;ll help. we tried this for the first time this cycle. no bfp, but i am 48 with 2 other kids. a new product called the conception cap (google it) is a more expensive version of the same principle.


Tracy88 - January 22

Katie, I don't know how true it is that the stuff you buy would contain anything that would kill sperm. Anytime something like that is purchased it is supposed to be sterile. I wish I could comment on the tilted uterus, but unfortunately I know nothing about that sort of thing. Good luck.



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